ClickFunnels Automated Webinar | Set Up Your Webinar In 5 Minutes!

Setting up your ClickFunnels Automated webinar is super easy.

Now, I must tell you from experience that I highly recommend recording as many live webinars as you can before you go automated.

This will help you to perfect your perfect webinar scripts and get a higher conveersion rate. As you do more live webinars your audeince will ask questions.

It’s important to use those questions and feedback to perfect your webinar. So when youre ready to automate it will be a success.

Step 1 Build Funnel

In your ClickFunnels dashboard go to the “Build Funnel” tab.

build funnel tab

After clicking on the “Build Funnel” tab then select the “Classic Builder” option.

clickfunnels webinar

From here you will have 3 options.

Step 2 Host Webinar

Next select the “Host Webinar’ tab.

Step 3 Webinar Replay

Next you will select “Webinar Replay”.

webinar replay

Step 4 Select Your Templates

When building your ClickFunnels Automated Webinar you will have several options to choose from.

The cool part is ClickFunnels has already laid out all the steps. You just need to choose your templates and make the changes.

I also highly recommend heading over to Funnel Fridays and watching the auto webinar funnel training.

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards go live every Friday and build funnels. This is the best FREE training online.

And bonus, you get to download the funnel free!

To get started building your ClickFunnels Automated Webinar you can head over to ClickFunnels here or if your new you can get started with a FREE 14-Day Trial HERE>

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00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:03.090
alright guys welcome to this video my name is Jed I'll bring and in this video

00:00:03.090 --> 00:00:05.548
I'm gonna teach you how to do a clickfunnels

00:00:05.549 --> 00:00:09.300
automated webinar so first thing you want to do is when you're in your

00:00:09.300 --> 00:00:13.290
dashboard for clickfunnels you're just gonna go to the clickfunnels tab click

00:00:13.290 --> 00:00:17.009
build a funnel now when you have here you have two different options you have

00:00:17.010 --> 00:00:21.810
the cookbook Builder process and classic funnel builder so just go to the classic

00:00:21.810 --> 00:00:26.788
funnel builder and it's going to give you the opportunity to host a webinar so

00:00:26.789 --> 00:00:32.160
you'll click host and then you can do live or replay obviously we want to do

00:00:32.159 --> 00:00:42.718
the replay so let's just do tests webinar we're gonna build the funnel

00:00:42.719 --> 00:00:45.809
here and you'll see guys that this just takes a matter of minutes so if you're

00:00:45.809 --> 00:00:55.559
new to this it's super super easy and you can select your templates here so

00:00:55.559 --> 00:00:58.919
this is just gonna be the automated webinar you know or evergreen but

00:00:58.920 --> 00:01:04.710
registration so let's just go with this this dude here right this looks cool how

00:01:04.709 --> 00:01:08.729
to get your dream body right who wouldn't want to sign up for that so

00:01:08.729 --> 00:01:11.250
just going to go through and you're gonna select it's going to tell you what

00:01:11.250 --> 00:01:18.060
to do it's pretty straightforward guys and everything's going to be connected

00:01:18.060 --> 00:01:22.500
here the main thing you want to make sure you do is that you do have your

00:01:22.500 --> 00:01:26.909
email autograph integration setup because that's going to be important for

00:01:26.909 --> 00:01:32.670
sending people reminders and sending them links to actually watch the replay

00:01:32.670 --> 00:01:38.820
of your webinar and you know truly make it automated so assuming you have

00:01:38.820 --> 00:01:45.929
recorded a live webinar already and you have something to reply for people this

00:01:45.930 --> 00:01:51.270
is where you go to settings integrations and add your email now the other option

00:01:51.270 --> 00:01:59.820
too is within click funnels itself you can go to automation here and it'll send

00:01:59.820 --> 00:02:05.960
out so you can see here it's already automated it for you now it's up to you

00:02:05.960 --> 00:02:09.810
how you want to do it but you can see here it'll send right away the

00:02:09.810 --> 00:02:17.380
confirmation it'll say webinar star now reminder and so forth so this is the

00:02:17.380 --> 00:02:21.880
nice thing about it is everything's automated for you sometimes I like to

00:02:21.880 --> 00:02:24.730
use my own provider depending on what I'm doing

00:02:24.730 --> 00:02:28.690
but for now I think if you're setting up your first automated webinar stick with

00:02:28.690 --> 00:02:32.829
what cliff Ellis has done for you because it's already set to go and you

00:02:32.830 --> 00:02:37.270
can change these days if you wanted to go ten minutes before or something like

00:02:37.270 --> 00:02:42.790
that you can do that if you want to set even more reminders you know you can

00:02:42.790 --> 00:02:47.019
obviously copy and do it this is cool too did you miss the automated webinar

00:02:47.019 --> 00:02:51.510
replay did you leave early so it sets up so it knows what your people are doing

00:02:51.510 --> 00:02:55.239
so a great feature of clickfunnels when you're doing an automated webinar is

00:02:55.239 --> 00:02:57.790
they've just they've done all the work for you

00:02:57.790 --> 00:03:05.019
webinar countdown so this is important too and obviously this kind of builds

00:03:05.019 --> 00:03:12.760
the excitement but so it's gonna give you templates again you can choose from

00:03:12.760 --> 00:03:17.440
now obviously you know I like to go just a pretty straightforward template my

00:03:17.440 --> 00:03:21.609
auto webinar registration page is going to be a little bit more jazzed up but

00:03:21.609 --> 00:03:28.239
for the webinar countdown just select a basic one and then you can obviously

00:03:28.239 --> 00:03:34.269
make the changes as you need you can see here that you can change

00:03:34.269 --> 00:03:42.459
countdown dates now if you want to get more like it gives you the different

00:03:42.459 --> 00:03:48.820
times and dates now if you want to get more detailed and have more advanced

00:03:48.820 --> 00:03:58.900
features you would actually need to use a third-party I believe it's called CF

00:03:58.900 --> 00:04:04.480
Pro Tools so remember that I'll put a link below CF pro tools and that is a

00:04:04.480 --> 00:04:09.369
funnel hacker who has built a actual it's like a plugin or an upgrade

00:04:09.370 --> 00:04:15.329
whatever you want to call it and it allows you to add even more features to

00:04:15.329 --> 00:04:20.289
automate your webinars and do a bunch of other cool stuff so depending on how

00:04:20.289 --> 00:04:24.340
detailed you want to get with this you might need that software tool it's gonna

00:04:24.340 --> 00:04:26.229
cost you about a hundred bucks I believe but

00:04:26.230 --> 00:04:32.590
it's it's it's well worth it and then the webinar broadcast room this is where

00:04:32.590 --> 00:04:38.289
you're gonna put in your webinar replay so you'll take the recording you've

00:04:38.290 --> 00:04:44.290
already made and zoom or webinarjam pick any of these actually them sorry

00:04:44.290 --> 00:04:49.780
this would be the broadcast so if you're putting in like say alive here and then

00:04:49.780 --> 00:04:53.700
so you can delete this step altogether

00:04:56.280 --> 00:05:01.570
and then here you go so then you have the final replay so it's really a matter

00:05:01.570 --> 00:05:06.610
of of just taking them to this step in the funnel but if you're gonna record

00:05:06.610 --> 00:05:11.890
obviously I recommend recording your webinar first live as many times as you

00:05:11.890 --> 00:05:16.240
possibly can before you go automated but that's entirely up to you but you can

00:05:16.240 --> 00:05:19.810
just set it up in here so you can see once I clicked on the automated webinar

00:05:19.810 --> 00:05:22.990
feature it gave me all the steps and then you just need to go through those

00:05:22.990 --> 00:05:26.380
steps and you're ready to rock and roll all right guys any questions comments

00:05:26.380 --> 00:05:31.680
let me know like subscribe thank you so much

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