How to promote ClickFunnels | My Secret To Getting Trials!

Luckily, ClickFunnels has a great suite of products to promote making our job as affiliates much easier.

But, what should you promote?

My recommendation to anyone getting started with ClickFunnels is to start by promoting the Start-Up plan at $97 a month.

And when you get to 100 trials you win a car! How cool is that?

How To Promote ClickFunnels Trials

Once people sign up for the Start-Up plan under the 14-Day FREE Trial they will continue to get marketed to by ClickFunnels. In fact, they will do most of the heavy lifting.

I have found the best way to get trials and promote is by posting value videos.

Basically I just answer questions people have about using ClickFunnels with a screen share video.

Of course, it helps if you use the software yourself.

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The second way I like to promote is with my blog. I take the videos I make and they create posts. This looks good in Google’s eyes and gets me a lot of traffic.

Also, It’s important to have a lead magnet and not just blindly drop your link everywhere.

I use my free training course as a way to get people into my world and learn how to use ClickFunnels.

My recommendation is to just pick your favorite platform and start creating value.

There’s is no magic button.

Good luck!

Video Transcript: How To Promote ClickFunnels
ll right in this video we're going totalk about how to promote click funnelsso I'm assuming that you have a clickfunnels account if you do not you canclick the link below and get startedwith a free trial and get access to youraffiliate dashboard this way you accessthe dashboard by simply going up to therighthand profile and it'll sayaffiliate but let's get moving forwardwith this guy so the best way to promoteI just started promoting click funnels afew months ago I had to return there butI've done a little little over well comeon coming up on four thousand dollars Istarted in January February last yearjust kind of tinkering around so this isjust doing some some VIP you know allfree methods and but not bad for justkind of playing around with it I'mstarting to put a little more effortinto it but I'll show you where I'vegotten the most success with this one ofthe greatest tools right now that a lotof affiliates are promoting is the onefollowing challenge now I recommend ifyou're interested in promoting the onefunnel way challenge is to obviously gothrough the one funnel way challenge andI'll put a link below for that they runit every few months so depending on whenyou see this video there may not be oneright away but I think they have adigital version that you can do but thegreat thing about this is is it pays 100percent commission so you get $100 forevery person that signs up also with thepotential of them signing up for a trialso not only would they buy the 100 daychallenge but then if they end upsticking with click funnels you're goingto get thirty eight dollars per month onthat and I have whole-souled one ofthese I don't know why it doesn't say ithere but I have sold one and that wasjust by doing you know informationalvideos like this but you can see hereyou have all these different greatimages to use you can use these onFacebook if you have a Facebook groupthat's another great place to promoteemail swipes I believe they have all theemail swipes here so if you already havea list you can use these existing emailswipes wipes and the way that youposition this is anybody who's lookingto get started with an online businessor grow their existing business onlinethis is going to teach them everythingthey need to know about building abusiness online so no matterwhat industry you're in you can positionthis as a great tool and a great lowbarrier to entry training to get startedand what I like about it not being freeis that you're going to get seriouspeople who are serious about learningonline marketing plus you get all theseinterviews with green card winners andmillion dollar earners over here thatprovide their they give their actualblueprint to what they would do is tosucceed so you can look at all thesedifferent people here from all differentwalks of life and industries that willalign with probably what you're doing sothis is a great way now this can easilybe done through creating a YouTube videotalking about it again I recommend yougo through it that'll give you a betterchance of success here posting in yourFacebook group and and you know email ifyou already have a kind of a businessemail mindbusiness email with people who arelooking to keep growing online this is agreat great program people are reallycrushing it with us and that's how Iwould promote it some people have usedsolo ads for this I am NOT a big solo adperson but it it might be a possibilityand then of course the main core productwhich is the 14-day which is the gettingstarted with click funnels now there'stwo ways to promote this you have theaffiliate bootcamp which is a freetraining I love people who are kind ofon the fence about getting started is topromote them with the free affiliatetraining so what happens is they gothrough the training they're cooking toyou so they go through a free trainingand by the time to get done with thetraining they're so fired up about usingquick funnels that a lot of times theywill become a member and start promotingit themselvesso what's great about this is you cantalk about the dream car contest if theyget to a hundred then they get $500 amonth towards their towards a dream carnot not bad right it's pretty excitingstuff and you have all these differenttools here that you can use to promoteso let me show you how I would actuallygo about doing it so let's say similarto what I'm doing right now I wouldselect a link and my recommendation isto go with the short trial pagethen I would put like let's say you knowYT video and that's how I keep track ofwhat it is pin and I would go here Iwould copy this and I like to use a sitecalled bitlybecause what bittley's gonna do it'sfree and what bittley's gonna do is it'sgonna shorten my link for me because youdon't want a big ugly link on yourYouTube channel so you just simply go tocreate pasteand then BOOM it's given me this shortlink now what I could do is I go over tomy YouTube channel and I would create avideo on the one funnel a challenge orI'd create a video on how to get startedwith click funnels just like I'm doingnowand I would upload the video and I'llshow you an example of exactly how I dothis[Music]lots of clickfunnels videos here solet's just see so here's like amembership video I didand this is another way you can do ittoo you could promote by searching forthese different keywords right clickfrom those membership these are peoplewho are looking for this and then Isimply put in a description right and Iright here is where I'd copy and pastemy link alrightthis is totally free guys and then Iwould just take that little link here Ihave some custom links me oh herethere's a bitly link goodso look bitly boom that's it so whenthey click on it right it's alreadyattached to my affiliate ID that if theywatch my video and they get value fromit and they click on that link then boomthat's how you get people to startsigning up for quick funnels so thoseare the main methods is YouTube is agreat free resource to get startedpromoting and you just start creatingcontent you just simply go into thesearch bar and you can start looking forclick funnels right click funnelstutorial review affiliate blog pricingdrop shipping I need to start creatingcontent around these various keywordsand there's other keyword tools you canuse a draft longtail Pro to get morekeywords longtail keywords but this willgive you an idea and I just recommendlooking at other people's channelsseeing what they're doing don't copy butit'll give you great ideas and that'show you can easily get started for freeand for todayyou know today and the more content youproduce right the more hooks in thewater the more chances of gettingsignupsso I hope that helps I'll put some linksbelow I also have a free four daytraining for you guys that'll kind ofhelp you ramp up your you know affiliatemarketing and getting your click buythose trials growing all right thank youfor watching

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