What WordPress Themes Work Best With ClickFunnels? My 2 Favorites!

When looking for the best theme for your business you need to think about the end game. What do you hope to gain from this site? Is it an authority site? Or e-commerce?

If you are looking for what WordPress themes work best with ClickFunnels. Then I would say any. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder and WordPress is a website builder.

These are two completely different platforms.

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If you are looking to add a funnel or funnel steps then you can use the ClickFunnels Plugin

If you’re talking about straight-up looks then go with what you like!

What WordPress Themes Work Best With ClickFunnels?

My favorite WordPress theme for affiliate marketing and authority site is ASTRA. This comes highly recommended by a ton of online marketers.

And SURPRISE…this blog is an ASTRA theme.

One of the best people out there now for ASTRA design using Elementor Pro is Ferdy Korperhsoek. Make sure to check out his YouTube channels. Tons of great “how-to” videos to help you build a great WordPress site.

Also, Ferdy is a ClickFunnels user!

Lastly, if you want a simple yet powerful site I love Generate Press.

This site works very well with the Elementor editor.

If you want to test out these WordPress Themes all you need is some affordable ($3.95/month) hosting and a Free 14-Day Trial of Clickfunnels.

Video Transcript: what wordpress themes work best with clickfunnels
ello and welcome to what WordPressthemes work best with clickfunnels soone thing to keep in mind is thatobviously clickfunnels is a sales funnelbuilder so clickfunnels is going to useyou're gonna use click funnels you knowtogether with your website or with yourblog so if you're using WordPress for ablog like an authority site to doreviews maybe you're doing someaffiliate stuff then if you want tocollect emails you can do that withinWordPress itself but you can alsoconnect the click funnels plugin now Irecommend using click funnels as sort ofa separate funnel to do tandem with yourwith your WordPress theme so you're notreally gonna connect them together toooften you can do the plug-in but to behonest with you I found that I don't usethe plug-in as much and I just linkpeople to a funnel from my WordPresstheme so that being said what Icurrently use and what I recommend andwhat most people recommend is the Astratheme I found this to be a very easything to use easily customizable you canuse it with Elementor which I use youcan use the pro or the free version andthen next would be for a straight-upauthority blog like an affiliate bloggenerate press I'm actually working on anew blog and I'm gonna host a tongenerate press very straightforwardstuff but you can again you can use theclick funnels plug-in and any of theWordPress themes I've used this on thereare several different themes and you cansimply use this plug-in here just clickinstall now but you can see it wasupdated about three years ago I thinkthey just didn't find as much of a needfor it but what you can do is with thisis you can install it and then in yourpages section you would create a clickfunnels page and it would just connectyour WordPress theme to your page butwhat I found to be best is to simplyhave abutton on my blog on my wordpress themethat would just click to my funnelwithin click funnels that is myrecommendation if you're really dead seton a theme I would use Astra this is athis fast click funnels is a new onethis is by fast flow I oh it is not byclick funnels if you look over hereEdison this is a click funnels companyEdison LLC this fast flow Daioh as faras I know is not a click funnels companymaybe they work with them as of now theyhave about 200 members so I am notfamiliar with this one you can give it ashot but that would be my recommendationfor the best WordPress theme to use weclick funnels would be something verysimple straightforward like the Astra orthe generate press other than that Iwould keep the two separate alrightplease like subscribe and share have agreat day

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