Affiliate Bootcamp ClickFunnels Review | Why You Need To Start Now!

If you are interested in getting started with the ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp AKA ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp you came to the right place.

In this Affiliate Bootcamp ClickFunnels Review, I share everything about the new updated Bootcamp from ClickFunnels.


I have paid $1000’s for training over the years. From Facebook ads, consulting, online marketing and affiliate marketing. And I can tell you from experience this is one of the best trainings I have ever been through.

Not only do you get step-by-step training from Russell Brunson but, you get access to people like Julie Stoain, Steve Larsen, Spencer Mecham and more.

And the best part is it’s FREE!

New Affiliate Bootcamp ClickFunnels Review 2019

Plus, the new and improved ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp now features interviews from top ClickFunnels affiliates who share with you what they would do started from nothing.

You get to see=e their plan plus go behind the scenes into their funnels.

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Closed Caption Video Transcript Available:

hello and welcome to the video my name

is Jed I’ll bring and this is the

affiliate bootcamp click funnels review

so the affiliate bootcamp from click

funnels just launched a new one this

month so what are we in right now June

so I believe it just came out first week

of June and when I took the training was

about two years ago and at that time it

was a great training but definitely

could you know it was was a few things

that might have been low outdated but

they’ve but was still extremely valuable

and it’s helped me to to earn you know

decent commissions and I only really

have been promoting it part-time and

starting to move more full-time

promoting click funnels and I’m now

going through the new affiliate bootcamp

training and what they’ve done with this

new affiliate bootcamp guys is first of

all when you it’s free to go through so

I’ll put a link below it’s absolutely

free and what’s really cool about it is

you can use this training guys to

promote anything you want so it doesn’t

have to be click funnels I obviously

a.m. to click funnels user I love it and

you know it’s definitely going to be

click funnels heavy base but these

concepts you see Russell teaching here

so this is day one well let me take a

step back you’re gonna see a welcome

message here and then this is the day 1

training here and Russell basically goes

through how to create a landing page and

a Brid page as a as an affiliate to

promote so it doesn’t necessarily have

to be your click funnels product and

then he’s talking to you here about you

know how to set up email automation and

how to get traffic so there’s really

really good training in here but the

really cool thing is you also get bonus

trainings from other affiliates and

million dollar earners from click

funnels like Steven Larson who he spends

over an hour teaching you how to create

an offer as an affiliate so what he’s

doing here is you know most affiliates

they promote a product and they just put

up a link and link you to the product

what Steven teaches you here is how to

create an offer to differentiate


other affiliates and that’s what’s

really gonna make you stand out so for

example let’s say you’re you’re you’re a

golfer and you’re really into promoting

you love to play golf and you’re

promoting golf clubs well most people

are going to have a link on say their

blog or their video that sends people

directly to just some random golf store

or product where they get a small

percentage but you and what he’s

teaching you here is you could offer the

link but at the same time you could say

hey if you buy these clubs for me I’m

also going to throw in my five my top 10

tips for hitting irons and I’m also

going to put in my you know 10 video

series on how to work on your backswing

and then I’m going to include my one

hour putter tutorial so these are things

that you could record once and just use

them over and over again and you tell

people hey when you buy this I’m gonna

send this to you so that’s how you

differentiate yourself and obviously

Steve’s gonna go into it much deeper and

then as the trainings go on you’re gonna

get detailed I mean you can look at

these trainings these are 40 minutes an

hour these aren’t these aren’t two

minute three minute videos but like Dave

gambrel is going to talk to you about

how to generate consistent growth as an

affiliate you know how to get when

you’re getting started like going

through the slumps that’s so things

going to talk to about different

strategies so you’re gonna you’re gonna

get great videos you’re also gonna get

training from Rachel Peterson and then

there’s Greg Jeffries and Spencer

Meachem who’s a million dollar affiliate

earner so along the way here and what

happens is each day a new training opens

up and then you go through the training

and the whole program is to teach you

how to get to you know 100 clickfunnels

users and then you have the opportunity

to get a dream car so when you click

funnels the way it works is you get 40

percent commission recurring but then

when you get a hundred users you get

five hundred bucks a month for a car of

your choice which is amazing and then

you if you get to two hundred you get a

thousand dollars

so the clickfunnels program is amazing

but again you can use this training to

promote anything

and then you can see here you’re gonna

get plans from other affiliates who are

earning six and seven figures and

they’re gonna tell you what they would

do if they had to start from day one all

over again to day 30 and how they

rebuild their business so I will put a

link below guys it is a free training

get on it get on it now it’s amazing

thank you so much for watching please

like subscribe share have a good day

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