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If you are interested in getting started with the ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp AKA ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp you came to the right place.


I have paid $1000’s for training over the years. From Facebook ads, consulting, online marketing and affiliate marketing. And I can tell you from experience this is one of the best trainings I have ever been through.

Not only do you get step-by-step training from Russell Brunson but, you get access to people like Julie Stoain, Steve Larsen, Spencer Mecham and more.

And the best part is it’s FREE!

New Bootcamp 2019

Plus, the new and improved ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp now features interviews from top ClickFunnels affiliates who share with you what they would do started from nothing.

You get to see=e their plan plus go behind the scenes into their funnels.

clickfunnels bootcamp

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Closed Caption Video Transcript Available:

Section 1

hey how you doing guy this is Jed I’ll
bring in this video I’m gonna talk to

you about the clickfunnels 100 day
challenge so the actual the 108

challenge is actually called the
affiliate boot camp you may have known

that already may have not but
essentially what it is is a training to

teach you how to promote and sell click
funnels now you can also use the tactics

and tools you learn in this training to
promote anything but obviously the goal

Section 2

is to get you to promote click funnels
and if you’re smart that’s what you will

do because it’s an amazing amazing
product software I’ve been using it for

a couple of years just started promoting
it recently I’m already starting to see

great returns from what I learned in
this program I think my first month was

like 300 dollars then I went to 500
dollars now I’m a little over a thousand

dollars a month and that’s a great
little side business that those who

Section 3

really want it and one hustle can turn
it into big-time business ok so it’s all

what you put into it but the hundred day
challenge is designed to get you to 100

users and a hundred days
now obviously results may vary you may

or may not get to that but the goal is
to get you to a hundred users because

when you get to 100 clickfunnels members
active members not only are you gonna

get 40% Commission recurring so it’s $38
for the basic plan then you’re gonna get

40% Commission on the higher-end plan
which is 297 so that comes out to about

Section 4

118 so on the low end once you get to
100 filius guys you’re gonna be making

well over $4,000 a month
recurring revenue so a month after month

after month ok also on top of that click
funnels is gonna give you five hundred

dollars towards your dream car when you
get to 200 affiliates they’re gonna give

you $1,000 towards your dream car that’s
fantastic so this training actually is

is great because it’s been updated
recently and there are now interviews

with affiliates that have already hit
the hundred users 200 users there’s an

affiliate in here who has over 2,000
users spencer Meachem who actually earns

over a million dollars a year promoting
click funnels so there is there is an

opportunity here guys there is potential
I’m gonna put a link below for you guys

the interviews alone or priceless the
training Russell’s going to go through

how to set up the funnels what to say in

Section 5

the funnels how to create offers how to
promote so you’re going to get all the

tools you need this is basically like a
business and a box guys with training

and it’s absolutely free so all these
guys Gregg Jeffries Jim Edwards are

going to be talking Billy gene I mean
these guys are smart smart people that

are making lots of money with click
funnels so sign up on the link below for

the 100 day challenge thank you so much
please comment like subscribe have a

great day

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