ClickFunnels 100 Day Challenge | How To Start Your Free Challenge Today

If you are interested in getting started with the ClickFunnels 100 Day Challenge AKA ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp you came to the right place.

I have paid $1000’s for training over the years. From Facebook ads, consulting, online marketing and affiliate marketing. And I can tell you from experience this is one of the best trainings I have ever been through.

Not only do you get the master of marketing Russell Brunson but, you get access to people like Julie Stoain and Steve Larsen. And it’s FREE!

Plus, the new and improved Bootcamp now features interviews from top ClickFunnels affiliates who share with you what they would do started from nothing.

You get to see=e their plan plus go behind the scenes into their funnels.

clickfunnels bootcamp

Ready for Bootcamp? Start the ClickFunnels 100 Day Challenge HERE!

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00:00:00.350 --> 00:00:04.109
hey guys how you doing I'm Jed I'll bring welcome to this video you're here

00:00:04.110 --> 00:00:08.129
for the clickfunnels 100 day the challenge now I want to clear up a few

00:00:08.130 --> 00:00:12.840
things here the 100 day challenge is actually called the affiliate boot came

00:00:12.840 --> 00:00:17.220
boot camp but you are right it is a hundred a challenge so basically what

00:00:17.220 --> 00:00:22.410
that means is that over the training is not you're not gonna get videos every

00:00:22.410 --> 00:00:26.390
single day for a hundred days you're gonna get a series of videos I believe

00:00:26.390 --> 00:00:30.439
they just updated this boot camp so you guys are getting in at a great time

00:00:30.439 --> 00:00:35.280
depending on when you watch this video I went through it about two euro so ago

00:00:35.280 --> 00:00:39.870
and even then it was a little outdated the material was still awesome but

00:00:39.870 --> 00:00:43.919
they've completely updated this added new trainings they actually add add

00:00:43.920 --> 00:00:48.450
interviews in this with top earning affiliates so you get to see what these

00:00:48.450 --> 00:00:52.789
affiliates would do if they had to start from scratch and start building up their

00:00:52.789 --> 00:00:57.030
affiliate program and promoting clickfunnels so whether you want to be

00:00:57.030 --> 00:01:00.719
an affiliate for clickfunnels even sell your own product or services

00:01:00.719 --> 00:01:04.920
or promote for somebody else this training will do it it's absolutely free

00:01:04.920 --> 00:01:10.530
guys so it's a no brainer I highly recommend getting on it getting on it

00:01:10.530 --> 00:01:15.780
now get your journey started I'm gonna leave a blink Allu a link for you to

00:01:15.780 --> 00:01:22.049
sign up but the actual training the last train was about 13 I think was like 13

00:01:22.049 --> 00:01:28.770
some videos and then you get you know emails every day and you know to kind of

00:01:28.770 --> 00:01:34.530
take you along the process so the idea is that in a hundred days you're gonna

00:01:34.530 --> 00:01:38.549
get a hundred clickfunnels users now I can't guarantee that of course results

00:01:38.549 --> 00:01:44.700
may vary but it's going to give you the plan to put together to get to 100 users

00:01:44.700 --> 00:01:48.600
and when you get to a hundred active members as an affiliate you're gonna

00:01:48.600 --> 00:01:53.539
make on average thirty-eight dollars okay you get forty percent per user

00:01:53.540 --> 00:01:59.070
reoccurring if they get the thus the Edison suite package which is 297 a

00:01:59.070 --> 00:02:03.600
month you get 40% of that so you're getting 118 so on the low end you're

00:02:03.600 --> 00:02:08.859
gonna earn 4,000 a month on the high end it could go well above the 4000 range

00:02:08.860 --> 00:02:12.940
because if people are signing up for that 118 but roughly on the low end it's

00:02:12.940 --> 00:02:16.390
4,000 a month and that's recurring revenue guys so that's month after month

00:02:16.390 --> 00:02:22.420
after month plus clickfunnels it's going to give you 500 dollars towards a car of

00:02:22.420 --> 00:02:26.679
your choice a dream car contest they call it so you're gonna get $500 on top

00:02:26.680 --> 00:02:31.930
of your already recurring commission now when you get to 200 affiliates they're

00:02:31.930 --> 00:02:35.470
actually gonna give you $1,000 a month towards your dream car so it's

00:02:35.470 --> 00:02:39.850
absolutely amazing guys and clickfunnels sells itself it's such an amazing piece

00:02:39.850 --> 00:02:45.400
of software such an amazing community I highly recommend you get on this take

00:02:45.400 --> 00:02:49.240
advantage of it like I said it's totally free so I'm gonna put a link below guys

00:02:49.240 --> 00:02:53.650
I'm not only you know I use clickfunnels for myself and I also use it I have a

00:02:53.650 --> 00:02:57.370
small little agency where I do lead generation and I just started promoting

00:02:57.370 --> 00:03:00.670
clickfunnels as an affiliate a few months ago and already you know I'm

00:03:00.670 --> 00:03:05.920
starting to earn around 500 bucks a month my best month was about $2,000 and

00:03:05.920 --> 00:03:09.429
that's just from doing some videos and some blog posts and sending some emails

00:03:09.430 --> 00:03:14.590
and referring telling people about it so even just kind of doing it very very

00:03:14.590 --> 00:03:19.600
part time I'm seeing great results for those that really dive in and just kick

00:03:19.600 --> 00:03:24.970
butt at this 110% you can earn a lot of money so click the link below get

00:03:24.970 --> 00:03:28.780
started enjoy the bootcamp guys any questions

00:03:28.780 --> 00:03:33.690
comment below let me know please like and subscribe thank you

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