ClickFunnels 2 Step Order Form | Increase Sales With 2 Step Order Form

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase sales then the ClickFunnels 2 step order form is the way to go.

Not only do I love the simplicity and design of the ClickFunnels 2 step order form but I also love how easy it is to add an upsell.

The second step of form you have the option to an “order bump”

You can see an example of the order form with the order bump below.

ClickFunnels 2 Step Order Form

clickfunnels 2 step order form

With Order Bump. After they have already put in their CC information all they have to do is check the box to add the one time offer.

I have found that using items that compliment what you’re selling work best or an offer for more of the same. Also, depending on the price of your offer the order bump is typically a bit lower.

For example; if you’re selling a $97 skin cream then your order pump might be a cleansing face mist for $37.

ClickFunnels Order Bump

clickfunnels 2 step order form

You can start a Free 14-Day Trial Of ClickFunnels here.

There are plenty of pre-built ClickFunnels 2 step order forms available for free download in ClickFunnels.

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00:00:00.589 --> 00:00:04.350
hey guys welcome to the video my name is Jed I'll bring in this a video I'm going

00:00:04.350 --> 00:00:06.838
to talk about the clickfunnels two-step order form

00:00:06.839 --> 00:00:11.730
so essentially what the two-step order form is guys is one order form on one

00:00:11.730 --> 00:00:16.160
page that has the first step which is filling in your billing information

00:00:16.160 --> 00:00:22.590
information and then the second step is filling in the billing and what's cool

00:00:22.590 --> 00:00:26.039
about this is it gives you the opportunity to add an order bump or an

00:00:26.039 --> 00:00:30.779
upsell so if you want to add the two-step all you have to do is in your

00:00:30.779 --> 00:00:34.380
click funnels account when you go to sales you're gonna go to order form and

00:00:34.380 --> 00:00:38.640
then as you scroll down you'll see these are all just one step or one page order

00:00:38.640 --> 00:00:43.559
forms but you want to select the template that has the two step and from

00:00:43.559 --> 00:00:47.550
there you can edit so you know you can kind of go by what what fits you know

00:00:47.550 --> 00:00:52.288
what you're doing product video but these are all the same order forms and

00:00:52.289 --> 00:00:55.620
they you don't need to do anything different as long as you're stripe count

00:00:55.620 --> 00:01:02.038
is her PayPal account is attached you're good to go but this is where I want to

00:01:02.039 --> 00:01:10.920
show you guys something really cool with the 2-step order form is stick a look

00:01:10.920 --> 00:01:14.010
here alright so 2-step order form right

00:01:14.010 --> 00:01:16.619
obviously you just like anything else you can change all your colors change

00:01:16.619 --> 00:01:26.009
all your texts okay but to edit that you go in here and you just go step 1 or

00:01:26.009 --> 00:01:30.659
step 2 okay so here's step 1 not too much right there's nothing really crazy

00:01:30.659 --> 00:01:32.729
here but step 2 of the order forms what I

00:01:32.729 --> 00:01:37.439
want to show you so look at this here okay this whoops why is it doing that

00:01:37.439 --> 00:01:44.908
hold on here people okay step 2 so step 2 this is where you can add a order bump

00:01:44.909 --> 00:01:49.380
okay and an order bump is let's say you're doing a free plus shipping offer

00:01:49.380 --> 00:01:54.539
or maybe you're doing a product like say let's say for instance here what we have

00:01:54.540 --> 00:02:00.270
on page this is just a obviously a demo let's say you're selling a skin cream

00:02:00.270 --> 00:02:04.890
okay maybe it's a skin cream and then the order bump might be a spray or

00:02:04.890 --> 00:02:08.940
shampoo or something else related to that and you can say hey for a one-time

00:02:08.940 --> 00:02:13.609
only save 50% on our and all they have to do is literally

00:02:13.610 --> 00:02:18.590
click that button guys that's it they don't do anything else it's a no-brainer

00:02:18.590 --> 00:02:23.140
they see it there they just click the little yes I want that extra thing and

00:02:23.140 --> 00:02:28.250
boom that's free money guys so most people when they do something like a

00:02:28.250 --> 00:02:32.659
regular order form and you see a lot of this in e-commerce once you buy the

00:02:32.659 --> 00:02:36.379
product you go to checkout and you just check out you're leaving money on the

00:02:36.379 --> 00:02:39.409
table because there is a very high percentage of people that are gonna take

00:02:39.409 --> 00:02:43.429
you up on this one time offer or this order bump because they've already put

00:02:43.430 --> 00:02:46.190
in all their credit card information so you want to make it something that is

00:02:46.190 --> 00:02:49.069
related to the products you're already selling and you want to make sure

00:02:49.069 --> 00:02:53.420
there's that it's something they actually want they need and has a you

00:02:53.420 --> 00:02:57.018
know a good price tag you know it can't be something overly expensive or you're

00:02:57.019 --> 00:03:03.409
selling something for say $97 a good order bump price might be 37 or 47 and

00:03:03.409 --> 00:03:07.159
again you might have to test it who knows maybe maybe it's a higher order

00:03:07.159 --> 00:03:11.720
price you got a test to find out but in the beginning try with like a thirty

00:03:11.720 --> 00:03:14.959
seven price tag forty seven price tag something like that it could be

00:03:14.959 --> 00:03:18.530
something as simple as an e-book guys that you put together here's the top ten

00:03:18.530 --> 00:03:23.180
top ten tips on how to get the most from your skins great skin cream here's the

00:03:23.180 --> 00:03:27.349
top ten tips - looking beautiful blah blah blah and make it seventeen dollars

00:03:27.349 --> 00:03:30.970
you know play around with it that way and then the order bump is automatically

00:03:30.970 --> 00:03:35.239
integrated within click funnels so the PDF is automatically sent to them you

00:03:35.239 --> 00:03:38.449
don't have to do a thing and you just made seventeen bucks so think about it

00:03:38.449 --> 00:03:41.060
this way it helps cover your ad costs I'll put a little bit more money in your

00:03:41.060 --> 00:03:45.109
pocket so guys that is a two-step order form I hope you enjoyed it please like

00:03:45.109 --> 00:03:49.340
comment subscribe I am a philly --it for clickfunnels a been a clickfunnels user

00:03:49.340 --> 00:03:53.810
for quite some time I love this software so I will put a link below if you want

00:03:53.810 --> 00:03:56.840
to try out click funnels and you do end up buying click funnels it helps me out

00:03:56.840 --> 00:04:00.729
so thank you so much have a great day

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