ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout | Why ClickFunnels Is The Best Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout is the best in the industry!

You get 40% of everything you sell and you also geet recurring commissions on the Start-Up Plan and the Full Suite. Previously called the Etison Suite.

Start Up Plan Commissions

Now, you may not think 40% on a $97 Start-Up Plan is a big deal. But, you have to look at the big picture here. This is passive or recurring income we’re talking about.

Plus, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout has a “sticky cookie”. For example; I am an affiliate and if you click on my link and then decide not to buy for another year I still get paid. Most affiliate programs only pay 30-60 days after the link click.

So doing the math real quick thats $380 a month for just 10 ClickFunnels users. Not bad!

And, people who sign up for ClickFunnels don’t just use it for a month or two then leave. These users stick around because the software is truly amazing and it’s helping them grow their business.

Full Suite

The Full Suite costs $297 and your ClickFunnel Affiliate payout is $118. So now imagine just 10 users a month…that’s $1180 per month of recurring commission in your pocket.

Dream Car Contest

ClickFunnels also has what they call the “Dream Car Contest”. When you sign up 100 users they will give you $500 per month towards the car of your choice.

When you get to 200 users they will give you $1000 per month towards your dream car.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

If you are new to affiliate marketing or want to learn more about being an affiliate for ClickFunnels I highly recommend signing up for the FREE ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

The training shows you how to promote ClickFunnels or any product for that matter and get to your first 100 users in 100 days.

The training was just completely revamped with new and updated material. And as a bonus, they have included interviews with their top affiliates. Some earning well into the 6 and even 7 figures.

If you want to learn from the best this is the place to start.

You can start the Free ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp here.

You can get A Free 14-Day Trial Of ClickFunnels here.

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00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:03.599
hello everybody welcome to the video my name is Jed I'll bring and in this video

00:00:03.600 --> 00:00:07.949
I'm gonna talk to you about the clickfunnels payout clickfunnels

00:00:07.950 --> 00:00:12.240
Affiliate payout and explain to you kind of how that works so once you sign up

00:00:12.240 --> 00:00:15.570
for clickfunnels you automatically become an affiliate and this is the

00:00:15.570 --> 00:00:19.560
affiliate dashboard you see here now I've been a click from those user for

00:00:19.560 --> 00:00:23.640
about three years but just started promoting pretty heavily the past three

00:00:23.640 --> 00:00:27.300
months and I'm already starting to see you know some decent action here but

00:00:27.300 --> 00:00:31.070
basically the way the clickfunnels affiliate payout works is you get 40%

00:00:31.070 --> 00:00:38.160
okay so if you are already click funnels user you can simply go up to your

00:00:38.160 --> 00:00:42.809
settings and scroll down and you'll see a tab for affiliate and you'll see this

00:00:42.809 --> 00:00:47.699
back end and you can click on any of these here right to get your affiliate

00:00:47.700 --> 00:00:52.350
affiliate links okay so if you look at this it's going to tell you for some of

00:00:52.350 --> 00:00:56.550
these bigger programs like this is the 10x secrets so look at this payout right

00:00:56.550 --> 00:01:02.608
so and this is the funnel growing through here so you could make receive

00:01:02.609 --> 00:01:07.110
that that's 297 you would earn one eighteen eighty so you get 40% on the

00:01:07.110 --> 00:01:15.060
order bump you'd get 38 118 198 so a total earnings of 475 on this total

00:01:15.060 --> 00:01:22.439
program here Commission level of 40% so not bad and then you have pretty much

00:01:22.439 --> 00:01:27.059
the core programs here the full suite and the action etics so you get 40% of

00:01:27.060 --> 00:01:33.360
that so that would be the you know the startup plan is 97 a month so you make

00:01:33.360 --> 00:01:39.900
38 and then the action annex plan is 297 so you'd actually make 118 a month from

00:01:39.900 --> 00:01:44.369
now which is great and you also get the chance to win a dream car so after you

00:01:44.369 --> 00:01:48.600
have 100 active members clickfunnels is going to give you five hundred dollars a

00:01:48.600 --> 00:01:54.960
month towards a car of your choice when you get to 200 active members to

00:01:54.960 --> 00:01:59.039
actually put out $1,000 per month so that's not bad

00:01:59.040 --> 00:02:04.200
okay so again that's 40% guys of anything and everything through click

00:02:04.200 --> 00:02:08.610
funnels another great product to promote it's a one funnel a challenge actually

00:02:08.610 --> 00:02:13.150
the one funnel away challenge you get 100% so you actually get $100

00:02:13.150 --> 00:02:18.400
for everyone that goes through here so 100% cost per action here for every

00:02:18.400 --> 00:02:22.300
person who enrolls in the one fenoli challenge after registering for the free

00:02:22.300 --> 00:02:26.770
30 day sign so that is an awesome promotion as well so you actually get a

00:02:26.770 --> 00:02:30.250
hundred percent for this and then if they sign up for clickfunnels after that

00:02:30.250 --> 00:02:33.550
you're going to get 40 percent and another thing to point out is that

00:02:33.550 --> 00:02:37.270
you're also going to get 40 percent recurring so if you look at this here

00:02:37.270 --> 00:02:42.160
this is my current recurring revenue here so that's not bad so you get as

00:02:42.160 --> 00:02:45.609
long as they stay a member you're getting 40 percent every single month I

00:02:45.610 --> 00:02:50.110
don't know any other program that does that so not a bad gig and I also

00:02:50.110 --> 00:02:55.150
clickfunnels that affiliate payout has a sticky cookie so if somebody clicks on

00:02:55.150 --> 00:02:59.590
your link today and doesn't buy until a year from now you still get paid okay

00:02:59.590 --> 00:03:05.350
most programs are you know seven days 30 days 60 days 90 days maybe at the most

00:03:05.350 --> 00:03:11.260
clickfunnels is lifetime so you get big payouts all right so that's clickfunnels

00:03:11.260 --> 00:03:16.060
Affiliate out I hope you like this video please subscribe share like all that

00:03:16.060 --> 00:03:19.630
good stuff I will put a link below for you to try out click funnels for free

00:03:19.630 --> 00:03:22.290
take care

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