ClickFunnels Black Box | How To Get The Mysterious Black Box

Ooooh the secret ClickFunnels Black Box. It’s a perfect name because people often ask me “how do I get this black box from ClickFunnels everyone is talking about?”.

Well, folks, the secret is out!

All you need to do is get your FREE copy of either Expert Secrets or DotCom Secrets then you will have “One Time Offer” to purchase the ClickFunnels Black Box for only $37.

What’s Inside

I recommend reading each book word for word and line by line very carefully. Because, the information inside is going to change your life!

clickfunnels black box

You get all the books, secrets, webinar and all Funnel Hacker goodies you can shake a stick at.

See details below;

Total Value: $119.65 Yours Only $37

You can get the ClickFunnels Black Box Here


Closed Caption Video Transcript Available:

all right everybody welcome my name is Jed all bringing in this video I'm gonna talk to you about the clickfunnels black box so a lot of mystery behind the clickfunnels black box and a lot of people don't really know about it and they don't know how to get it well it's actually quite simple so the black box actually comes as an upgrade when you get either the dot-com secrets book or the expert secrets book so you get the duck when you go to get the dot-com secrets or expert secrets book you get it free and then you just pay shipping and handling and then when you go to actually put in your information you're gonna get a one-time offer for thirty seven dollars guys and that's gonna allow you to get the complete black box so if you're going to get calm secrets then it would include expert secrets with it and if you're going to get expert secrets it would include dot-com secrets but you're also gonna get the funnel hacker black box QuickStart guide so it's basically taking you through you know funnel building process secrets and and how to start driving traffic you're gonna get I think I already mentioned expert secrets book and then you're also going to get access to a free training class that Russell did which he reveals how one funnel is making him over seventeen thousand dollars per day so that's pretty freaking cool you're gonna get the click funnels secret booklet which again is only available in the black box so it's just revealing more information more knowledge more training on different tactics and tools you can use to build your funnels grow your funnels also how to fill your funnel secret booklet which is priceless because you need traffic and you got to bring people there the action addicts secret booklet so this is really cool because you can't get this anywhere else but the booklet so if you are thinking of going to the full suite plan which includes action attics right even if you aren't now you probably will in the future so this is valuable valuable information to have and then the russell brunson secret sketches as you know russell loves to sketch and I personally love his sketches because I'm a visual learner so if you're like me if you're a visual learner and you to kind of see things laid out this book is priceless as well so you get the entire black box guys for 37 bucks that is insane so you can either go through the dot-com secrets link or the expert secrets link and then you'll have the option to upgrade and you get everything for just thirty seven dollars so that's pretty pretty amazing guys um I will put links below again it doesn't matter whether you go through the expert secrets or dot-com secrets so you're still gonna get both books so maybe so I'll just put one link down there and you guys can get those books so you can get the black box also as a bonus guys if you're a funnel hacker or you're in the funnel community you're gonna get some funnel hacker stickers and you're gonna get some just kind of funnel hacker goodies fun stuff like a manifesto you know just almost like you know what do I want to say you know material for for funnel hackers kind of that funnel hacker pride so you're gonna get some really cool stuff in there that you can you don't put stickers on your computer if you want you're gonna have stuff to put up on your desk for motivation so just really cool and it comes in a cool big black box I think you'll enjoy it so there's a button below click enjoy and please like subscribe if you enjoyed the content thank you

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