ClickFunnels Book Funnel | The Book Funnel Explained In Detail

The ClickFunnels Book Funnel or Free Book Funnel is a core part of the ClickFunnels marketing plan.

Obviously, this is a way to introduce people into the world of ClickFunnels. I myself started my internet marketing journey entering the ClickFunnels Book Funnel.

I purchased Expert Secrets and read it over and over. Then shortly after that, I bought ClickFunnels and many other products. And most recently Funnel Scripts.

And I recently attended Funnel Hacking Live 2019 in Tennessee.

I am a prime example of someone going through the ClickFunnels value ladder.

ClickFunnels Book Funnel Breakdown

The idea behind the ClickFunnels Book Funnel is to get you in the door with a “free + shipping” offer.

The next step is offering you a One Time Offer. Basically, something so awesome you just can’t say now. In the Expert Secrets funnel you are offered to purchase the Black Box for only $37.

This is an insane offer and anyone would be a fool to say no. This helps cover ad costs and even make a little money along the way.

But, the real magic happens on the backend when ClickFunnels starts to market their other products and services. Mainly their flagship product ClickFunnels funnel building software.

Create Your Own Book Funnel

If you head to Expert Secrets you can see the funnel in action. I recommend going through the funnel and then “funnel hacking” the steps to build your own.

This can be done for a book, product or service. Pretty much anything of value.

Then after they get your “Free” offer you give them an offer they can’t refuse. An OTO or Ine Time Offer should be relatively low price and PACKED with value.

I would say $17 to $37 is a good price point.

Most importantly, have your value ladder planned out so you can now start to market to them in hope of taking them up the ladder to buy your more expensive core products.

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