Expert Secrets Review | ClickFunnels Founder Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the Co-Founder of ClickFunnels and author of Expert Secrets.

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich” – Robert Kiyosaki

Expert Secrets is all about helping you find your voice and build a mass movement.

Until I read Expert Secrets, I thought starting a business online was impossible. I just assumed I had nothing to offer. But, after reading this book everything changed.

See, we all have something we are good at. Something we are better than the next guy or girl at. And guess what that makes you?

An expert!

This book will show you how to take what you already know and turn into a thriving business for the masses.

Like basket weaving? You can start a business!

Passionate about animals? You can start your own business!

Like to cook? You got something to offer and this book will help you share it.

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hey expert secrets book review my name

is Jed I'll bring from dad's gone


helping dad's could off the couch and

online to find their purpose and change

their lives by starting a business from

home the business they can call their

own a real business that provides value

and purpose and meaning it also helps

them make a little bit of money on the

side so the expert secrets book review

guys what I'm gonna do is I'm going to

go through there's four sections of the

book I'm gonna go through don't worry

I'm not gonna go through the entire book

but I'm gonna go through each section

and just kind of pull out some of the

main key things in there what they are

and how you can apply them to your life

right now I apply them to my business

because they have chain absolutely

changed my life and the way I do

business and it's helped me grow my

business and really think outside the

box it's also giving me a lot of belief

in myself and my abilities so it's

fantastic so the experts secret review

we're gonna go over the four sections

let's go into it now so you can see here

I mean I you know I notes and notes and

notes and highlights and it's crazy but

the the the first section the main one

is is called is about creating your mass

movement and really what this is is

finding I like to think of it as like

self-discovery because it's really

helping me find out who I am and what

are my skills and who I am as a person

right and it it teaches you about

becoming the CRA's Matic leader or the

attractive character and I don't mean

attractive like Fabi or attractive but

you know somebody that people want to

work with somebody that people want to

be with it we all have that inside of us

it's just a matter of bringing that out

and what's crazy is when I started

reading this book I like had no idea

what I was gonna do where I was gonna go

but I knew I wanted to do something and

when I started reading this book what I

really discovered from the the first

section creating your mass movement is

you know I knew they take a step back I

actually didn't know I knew a lot about

computers I've known a lot about sales

and customer service and things like

that but I knew I didn't want to go back

to the nine-to-five world

worked in for fortune 500 companies for

years and I knew I didn't want to do

that I knew I wanted to do something but

I don't really know what it was you know

I didn't want to just sell a products I

didn't want to just pick up the phone

and be like a coach I wanted to provide

value and I wanted to provide it online

and I wanted to love what I was doing

most of all because if I don't love what

I'm doing I'm not going to do it every

single day so this helped me really come

really you know find out who I am and

and what I'm about and so the attractive

character for me is you know I use a lot

of humor I'm also somebody who you know

I'm a recovering alcoholic I've been

sober for 12 years so I talked a little

bit about my I talk a lot about my

struggles with drinking and and how my

life has changed since then and that

becomes my attractive character you know

people relate to me that whether they've

had a drinking problem or not but maybe

they've had other problems in their

lives so it helps me attract you know

other people so when I've started to

break out of my shell and be more honest

about Who I am and where I come from and

the troubles I've gone through to get

where I am it helps people relate with

me it helps people connect with me it

helps people know like and trust me and

want to work with me so that's really

what the bait the main thing I took out

of this section is is figuring out who I

am what I'm about what I stand for who I

want to serve and that and from that

what it also talks about in here is it

helps me to write create that new

opportunity right so I literally like

discovering who I am and how I could be

of service to people how I can make

money from doing that which is great and

if you're somebody who's not looking to

make money from it it's great to write

maybe it's a non-profit or Church

organization so section 2 is all about

creating belief right and one of the

main things in here is is there's

obviously there's so many great secrets

obviously but the main thing that I like

is what's called the Epiphany bridge so

if you're not familiar with Russell

Brunson and his concepts and how he

teaches epiphany bridge is similar to

what we call story selling that's what I

like to call it and the Epiphany bridge

is really telling your story right what

got you to where you are now and the

Epiphany is the part of the story right

where you know if you watch any movie

right there's the attractive character

which is which we just talked about who

goes on this journey

and somewhere along that journey he hits

a wall he has some pushback but then he

overcomes it and at the end of the movie

right we fall in love with that


they either achieved something great or

maybe they didn't get what they wanted

but they got what they need kind of


so in telling that epiphany bridge story

and sharing that with others it gets

people to relate with me and understand

like wow you know I had similar story

doesn't have to be the exact like I said

before does that be the exact struggle

but they've somewhere somehow along the

line have experienced that same kind of

pain that same kind of struggled and in

doing that epiphany bridge I'm showing

them hey this is what happened to me

this is the wall I hit and this is how I

overcame that wall by doing X Y & Z

right I'm creating that belief that it

is possible for them it's possible for

you to do what I'm doing so I love that

part and it goes into a bunch of other

different secrets the hero's journey

which is similar to the Epiphany bridge

talking you know about your journey and

you become the hero at the end right

because you know what you accomplish so

a lot of really great stuff and it's

this is written for this is no offense

to Russell Brunson but like anything

else is written very simply very clear

five-year-old right you know can read it

you know there's the concepts or not

there's nothing in here that you're

gonna hear a word that you have never

heard before

so it's really really great and then on

to section three we started to get more

into kind of growing your business and

what's really cool about this booklet I

love guys is this is not technobabble

mumbo-jumbo that this isn't talking

about okay you need to type in here to

do this or you need to have this you

don't have to have any online experience

you don't have any marketing any kind of

experience at all I didn't when I

started this I didn't know anything I

knew how to send emails on the other tax

so it's not about that don't worry about

that this is not about getting on the

computer and building stuff this is

about creating your message because the

software portion and the computer that's

such a small small part

it's everything that goes behind the

scenes that builds this platform that

builds this tribe that you're creating

that builds this mass movement to get

people to want to buy write to want to

work with you so in section three

Russell talks about two things I want to

talk about is his perfect webinar and

the one thing so the perfect webinar is

if you're not familiar with the perfect

webinar you you need to look it up I'll

see if I have some stuff I can put below

of this video for you guys to check it

out but the perfect webinar if you're

familiar with webinar the perfect

webinar is not just even the webinars in

the title you can use the perfect

webinar concept to literally to sell

anywhere to solve from Facebook live to

sell on YouTube to sell from the stage

and of course in a webinar it is

designed to take people through a series

of steps to kind of take their belief

proud patterns break them and you know

build them up so it's like for me it's

like oh I can't I can't lose for example

bath you know weight loss

I can't lose weight because I'm 46 years

old and my body's getting old and flabby

and then you know the perfect webinar

them I it's a perfect example of saying

you know are you one of those people

that thinks you can't lose weight

because of business and this well let me

show you how I did it okay so that might

be an example there and that's a very

small example but it's really getting

people to kind of open up and realize

you know what I can do that I do realize

that so there's this whole structure of

the way it goes the way you're telling

your story and you're taking your pity

bridge story you're taking all these

things that build up to this perfect

webinar to help you take people on this

journey ultimately we get them to buy

what you have or join your group or get

on your email list and the one thing

concept is is really the whole like top

of the iceberg for that webinar so

what's the one thing that I want them to

believe to understand by the end of my

webinar healing for me it would be that

it's possible for stay-at-home dads ORS

or dads in general if you want to leave

their nine-to-five it is possible for

them to start a business online and to

do it today and without any money

and here's how you're going to do it so

that's the one thing that I want them to

know at the end of this webinar and it

shows you how to structure that how to

do that and that's just insanely


and then lastly let's see here is

Oh is the one thing that I really like

at the end is talking about you know

taking all these everything you kind of

learn in the contents of the book and

creating a launch formula so which is

really great so if you're you know again

it's back to that know like and trust

people that people don't know much about

you or your products your concepts and

building that a perfect epiphany launch

sequence is taking people through a

series of whether it be videos or blog

posts and it's building up that

excitement so it's kind of like a

cliffhanger you watch a soap opera and

you know and it's about to cut to

commercial and you're like oh man I

wanted to know you know who's she's

sleeping with then you gotta wait you

got to see it

that's kind of like building a product

launch sequence where you show on one

portion and then they just can't wait to

see the next and so on so the Epiphany

product launch funnel is what it talks

about there if you're not familiar with

concept of funnels then you definitely

need to try clicked on the software you

can do it for free you can try it for 14

days free that's what I did over a year


and I haven't I mean I use it 24 hours

seven days when we come into runs my

entire business runs my membership site

for my clients events and you know I

have a training videos up there lead

generation product sales you name an

email automation if you have products or

services and you want affiliates to

promote for you you can do that on there

so all kind of crazy stuff but expert

secrets guys review I hope you enjoyed

that I know it's pretty pretty cut you

know pretty short sweet but I really

just wanted to give you some of the main

you know key principles and there's so

much in here guys but I'm telling you

right now whatever you do if you have an

idea buzzing in your head and you don't

know how to get it out and you want to

get it out and you you know it's

something great and you want to do

something even if you you know you've

had an idea nobody really wants that or

nobody's gonna like that silly

trust me read this book it's gonna open

up your eyes it really is it changed my

life changed my life so thank you so

much guys

expert secrets review I'm Jed I'll bring

with dads gone digital if you like this

like comment share whatever that stuff

is on here subscribe again the links are


for you to get a free trial and also get

a free copy of this book alright guys

take care

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