How do I clone a funnel in ClickFunnels? – Step-By-Step

To clone a funnel only takes a few steps.

How do I clone a funnel in ClickFunnels?

In your ClickFunnels dashboard select the funnel you wish to clone.

In the top right-hand corner select “Settings”

Then in the top right-hand corner again select “clone funnel”

An there you have it!

Make sure to rename your funnel.

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Video Transcript: How do I clone a funnel in ClickFunnels?
hello my name is Jed I'll bring in in this video I will show you how I clone afunnel in clickfunnels so once you go to the funnel that you would like to cloneyou go up to settingsand then the top right simply hit clone runnel now this will clone the funnelyou want to once the funnel loads and make sure to rename it so you know I'vehad the mistake of cloning a funnel and forgetting which one was the clone andwhich one wasn't so that is the simple process on how I clone a funnel andclick tunnels and then you can go here and simply view the funneland there it is and you'll see here it'll say copy of test 2 now arecommendation here is make sure you go through and just double-check all yoursettings because I they do change sometimes when you re copy an opt-inyou'll have to reconnect your autoresponder and double-check your tagsand your pixels and all that stuff all rightthank you and this was how I clone a funnel in click puls

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