How does ClickFunnels work?

I started my internet marketing about 4 years ago. As a stay at home dad, I needed to make some extra money and driving for UBER just sucks…sorry.

So I started researching how to make money online. And all though most of the stuff out there was garbage I did notice a recurring theme.

All these “Gurus” were using the same software. You guessed it, ClickFunnels!

So I decided to dive deep into this amazing tool and learn everything I could.

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So, How does ClickFunnels work?

It’s a SAAS tool that allows you to build sales funnels, landing pages, membership sites and more.

If you’ve ever downloaded a free e-book, guide or maybe even free gym trial (I don’t use mine..) you entered a sales funnel.

Imagine a bunch of little websites stacked on top of each other taking you along a journey.

Websites Are Dead

See the team at ClickFunnels has seen the future. The website is dead. Now don’t get me wrong you still need a website to showcase your services and about us section.

But, if you want to grow your business and sell your services/products you need a sales funnel.

Video Transcript: How does ClickFunnels work?
hello and welcome to this video on howdoes clickfunnels work so in a nutshellguys clickfunnels is the landing pagesoftware so it generates landing pagesand sales funnels to help you grow yourbusiness by generating leads and sellingyour product services you can also domembership sites classes but at its coreit's a lead generation tool forentrepreneurs small business ownerswhether you're online or offline you canuse this and the main thing thatseparates click funnels from say awebsite is that typically when peopleland on your website they're there tokind of look around browse around getinformation and it's not the best atcollecting leads because there's so muchgoing onwhereas with click funnels when you goto build a funnel and I'll show you howthis works so let's say I have abrick-and-mortar business ok and whenpeople lay on I'm gonna collect emailsright so this is a great thing to hearso I can just it'll take you through theprocess here right build a funnel andI'll go back to what I was talking aboutthere one secondso what I'm going to do is my main goalis to collect leads so now this is whatI would use instead of sending peoplestraight to my business I would sendthem to a lead capture page and this ishow if you're running Facebook ads ormaybe you you use this in your Instagramlink or Twitter link or Pinterest orwhatever your main source of socialmedias also if you're trying to collectleads maybe you have an event coming upor you're selling a new product and yousend out emails rather than send peopleback to your page or your website tohave them find the information you cansimply just use this so now there's allthese different pre-built funnels lookat this there's actually hundreds thisis just a few there's other places youcan get and you can take on all theseimages you can do whatever you need todo so let's say here let's use this onehere so I would select the template andI can change this any way I want butthis is where I would have what's calledmy lead Meg and what I would do isobviously I'm operating something inreturnmaybe I'm saying hey download our PDF orget a free trial at our gym membershipwatch our videos whatever it is you'redoing and you can you know you can doall that here rightit's all you know copy and pastedownload my free ebooknow or whatever it might be okay I canchange this I can change the color ofthis button if I don't like the colormaybe I want it to be green and so on sowhen people click on this right whatit's going to do is it's going to nowask me for ask them for theirinformation so this is where they wouldput in their email okay and I grab theirinformation so what I'm doing is I'mtaking them through my sales funnel soagain rather than sending them directlyto a website with all the commotiongoing on I'm sending them directly hereand I'm telling them what I want them todo Heyand this would be your logo and the nameof your company and it'd be your domainand everything and so I only have onechoice and that is to get this freething and in order to do that I have toyou guessed it give my email andinformation and then this would takethem through your funnel now what's afunnel so you can get as detailed as youwant to get now typically if you're justcollecting emails and you're done withit you would put a thank-you page okayand I think your page would say heythanks for requesting the informationit's on its way you can also use theThank You page to actually have the itemso like let's use this for example solet's say I was offering them a free pdfand then on this Thank You page is wherethey would download their PDF so I couldliterally attach the PDF here I canattach a video whatever I want I canhave it right here but the beautifulthing about this is is that when theyopt in here this is where the magichappens is I can connect my emailautoresponder so every person that comesin here they're going to be triggeredinto my email so this is where you setup your email so I use activecampaignyou can use mill chimp whatever I wouldselect my thing I want to add them to alist maybe I want to add a tag and thenon the back end in my active campaign Iwould create a list just for this funneldoes that make senseso I create a list for them and that'swhere the automations would send outokay I had cut all my different listshere and that's how that would work sothat's really where the magic happensand you can get as detailed as you wantto get because you can do everythingfromso if I want to add more steps to thismaybe I want to upsell them so maybewhat I want to do isin between this free one right I candrag-and-drop so I want them to opt infor the free but then maybe I want to doah[Music]you know I want to sell them somethingand I could then put in something hereand say hey before you go we have aone-time offer of XY and Z and they caneither say yes or no and if they say noor if they say yes and they buy it I canalso do what's called a one-click upsellso I could then once I already havetheir credit card information I couldsay great you bought this now would youlike to add XY and Z so you see thepower of that you can you can grow by30% I think that the rate I think it'ssomething like 30% more people areseeing in their sales by using a funnelversus hold website so it's a very verypowerful stuff and there's tons of greatfree training for this guys the Facebookgroup also they have lots of freetraining videos and and everything youcould imagine to get started I will alsoput a link below guys for a free fourday training with click funnelsbasically shows you how to get youronline business started also a freetrial if you'd like to get started youdo have a 14-day free trial and I thinkyou will really enjoy it and I will sendout some goodies for you so please signup get started and start growing yourbusiness thank you

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