How much is ClickFunnels per month?


ClickFunnels has several different options for pricing. You can get the Start-Up Plan, Platinum Plan and the soon to be released ClickFunnels Collective.

So, how much is ClickFunnels per month?

The basic plan or “Start-Up” plan is only $97 per month and the Platinum Plan is $297 per month.



ClickFunnels Plans Explained

So what’s the difference? Well, the main difference is the Start-Up plan comes with only 20 funnels and 100 pages while the Platinum comes with unlimited pages and funnels.

They both come with support but, the Platinum has priority support while the Start-Up only has chat/email support.

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If you’re new to ClickFunnels and not a full-blown agency you will be just fine with the Start-Up option.

You can get more detailed pricing and comparison here.

Video Transcript: How much is ClickFunnels per month?
alright guys in this video I'm gonnashare with you how much is clickfunnelsper month so clickfunnels has andactually as the time of this recordingclickfunnels has made a few changes intheir pricing structure for the betterdon't worry about it but they have madea few changes and they also have somebonus or some new stuff coming soon so Iam this is all new to me theclickfunnels collective so it's it'sgonna be new for everybody but that willbe coming soon but essentially the theyhave two core plants now if you're newto clickfunnelsyou really don't need much more thanthis 97 a month plan and you can alwaysmove up to this but let me explain toyou what that is so in the clickfunnelsplan you have what's called sharefunnels so share funnels means that whenyou build a funnel you can build it andshare it with anybody you simply copythe link and send it to them if theyhave a clickfunnels account they canjust load that funnel right into theiraccount if they do not it'll simplyprompt them for a free 14-day trial soeven if you're an affiliate forclickfunnels or not you would still getcredit if they ended up buying so that'spretty cool you get with the basic planyou get twenty funnels okay which isquite a bit again I've been using clickfunnels for four years I've beenbuilding funnels for clients and formyself and I've never well maybe a fewtimes I maybe needed more than twentybut I would just delete older funnels soit's been pretty good for me if you'regoing a more agency approach youdefinitely want the unlimited pagesyou'll get 100 pages that can add uppretty quickly so you just need to kindof keep track of what you're doing butit should be plentyobviously agency you're gonna getunlimited pages so you can buildunlimited funnels and pages sell themall so this is good too on the affiliateside if you want to build a bunch ofshare funnels because share funnels area great way to make money as anaffiliate so with the unlimited plan youcan have unlimited share funnels allover the internet you can share them onYouTube Facebook wherever and that's anice thing to have their users right soif you have a teamobviously you got one or three paymentgateways you get up to three typicallyI've only needed one payment gateway Iuse stripe nine on the enterpriseaccount to amaze you get up to three[Music]custom domains here you get up to ninewith the plan so again this depends onhow many businesses sites you're runningfollow up emails now you do not get thefollow-up email which is the built inAuto responder with click funnels youget that on the Platinum plan howeveryou can still connect your autoresponderwith the ninety seven a month plan sodon't worry about itchat support you get chat support withthe with a ninety seven a month planthis is actually done by a lot ofexisting click from those users and theyhave like a platform where they help youanswer questions priority supports ifyou actually need to phone in or gethelp immediately it's gonna be on the297 plan I've always been on the chatplan that's never been a problem weeklypeer review hackathons this is brand newbut you only get that with the unlimitedbar with the 297 plan funnel hat calledhacker forum this is a great forum bothyou get access on both and then funnelflicks this is courses and trainings andthey're just starting to add this in sothis is brand new so it's an excitingtime to get on it but a nutshell guys ifyou're new if you're a one-personoperation this will be fine now ifyou're thinking the price is a lot at 97or even 297 it this the software I thinkI was my software was paying for itselfwithin the first 30 days so you it's oneof those things right you have to spendmoney to make money so you might look atthis initially and think wow 97 bucks amonth well it is paid for itself moretimes than I can countI build membership sites courses salesfunnels lead generation funnels you nameit everything under the Sun can be donewith this I mean I have been able to getrid of so many other pieces of softwarebecause I do everything and clickfunnels now so this is going to replacea lot of things you already use soreally guys in the grand scheme ofthings a hundred bucks a month isnothing to run a business that's goingto make youa hand over fist it is an absoluteamazing program great support greatcommunity I hope that was helpful I willput a link below if you'd like to getstarted with a free 14-day trial therewill be a link for you to get startedthank you

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