How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners! STEP by STEP

Getting started with affiliate marketing is actually pretty simple.

What are your hobbies? What does everyone say you are good at?

For this example let’s say Golf.

Head to Google and type Golf Affiliate Programs.

You should see quite a few pop-ups.

Next, I would start a YouTube channel. All you need is a Gmail account and its totally free.

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Start making videos about Golf and Golf clubs.

Head to the range and set up a tripod with your iPhone or camera. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Let’s say you’re really good at hitting drives. Start teaching people how to hit drives and you can use different clubs in different videos.

At the end of each video, you need a CTA or “call to action”.

“If you would like to learn more about hitting 300-yard drives with the new Nike 3 Wood just click on the link in the description below.”

That link is your affiliate link. When someone clicks on it and buys you get paid.

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Video Transcript: How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
in this video I'm going to show you how to start making money as an affiliate marketer for beginners step-by-step so my name is Judd all bring guys and I am a stay-at-home dad and I started this channel I don't know a little over 6 months maybe a year ago and what I do is this is is is very simple to do it just takes some work on the back end but you can get started with affiliate marketing absolutely free guys there's no charge you can you can start with a youtube channel which is free the only cost you might need is some screen capturing software like I'm using now there are some free resources online you could just look them up free screen sharing software you might have something built into your computer right now but really that's the only cost but it'll pay for itself a million times over but for the most part it's free you start a YouTube channel and you get going now you can see here one of the main things that I recommend is when you start affiliate marketing is you focus on a niche so what I mean by a niche is like mine is you know helping parents make money online I'm a stay-at-home dad so I focus on parents mainly dads who want to make money from home like a side hustle so what I try to do is leach down so what I mean by that is if you're if you are saying you know everybody wants to make money online another big one is real estate so in the real estate market the way you would niche down would be ok you have real estate which is the main each but below real estate you have leasing you have commercial real estate you have flipping houses you have you know all different all different types of things that come under that so what you might do is real estate would be the main ish but then you would niche down and say flipping houses then you might need down again and say how to flip a house in 90 days so that would be your your sub niche does that make sense so that's really important up front and once you discover what it is that you're passionate about what you want to do there are affiliate products for anything and everything out there there's affiliate products for golf there's affiliate products for knitting for pets for fishing for hunting anything you can think of if there's something you enjoy doing something you're good at there are affiliate products out there you could literally search something that you enjoy and then put affiliate program after it and you'll find all different types of things so one of the the easiest ways to get started is with a youtube channel and let me show you how I make affiliate marketing so you can see here I only have about a thousand subscribers but this channel still makes me around a thousand dollars a month with affiliate income now you can see here when I go under my videos I'm pumping out videos every week and these are all these videos guys these are how-to videos or these are keywords people are looking for now click funnels is my main software that I use and it's also the main software I use to promote because I've been using it for four years I'm familiar with it it's something that I could easily talk about for hours and it's a great program to promote so if you're familiar with it I definitely would recommend affiliating with it but all the concepts I'm going to show you apply to any product you could think of so the way I do it is I might go up here and go to the search bar and I type in click funnels and you can see here look these are all words that people are searching for click funnels opt-in clickfunnels review click those affiliate program so on so on and then I might go a little more detailed click funnels for service for affiliate marketing network marketing for restaurants and so on so what I do is I take these keywords these are called long tail keywords so click funnels would be a main keyword now I would not be able to compete with that but I could compete with this which is considered a long tail keyword so there's not as much competition chances are I could get in there you can see here it's a low competition now this is a free this is called vid IQ you can download this for free it's a plug-in and then what I would do is I'd find these and I would create something similar you know click funnels for a service industry business and then I might phrase it differently right you know how to use click funnels in the service business or something along those lines and then I create I create a quick tutorial around it and then what I do is in my description is where I put my links okay so whatever I'm talking about here like this is the dream car contest so clickfunnels it's a dream car contest when you sign up 100 affiliates you can win a dream car with click bells so I put my link here and when somebody clicks on this link it takes them to the dream car signup page now if you wanted to become affiliate you could do it for free there's no charge and if you ended up purchasing clickfunnels and I'd get 40% of that each month and then you could turn around and do the same and promote it just like this so I provide value here right I put a little description in here and I put my affiliate link here that's all that is and what I use here is what's called a link shortener so let's say clickfunnels is my affiliate program and now you could go to any affiliate program guys and I'd go here to my affiliate tools and click funnels has all these different products that I can promote now any affiliate program is going to have some sort of back-end dashboard like this where you can get links so what you do in here is you find the product you want to promote so in this case I want to promote the main product which is the click funnels program and it gives me all look it gives me all these different banners I can use they even give me pre-written emails and I'm going to talk about that in a second because that's important so what I would do is here's my link I would click the page I wanted to go to and then I might do YouTube and then I put today's date so I would say 10 3 1:19 so I know it came from this video and then all I do is copy this and I go to a site called bitly this is totally free very wisely and then I take my link I go to create I put it in here and I hit create and what it does is it creates a short link for me now I can just copy that because you don't want to put a big old Lincoln YouTube and then I could copy that and to show you what it looks like here just add that link and this is the link people would click on right so that's how you would do it now what's cool about the clickfunnels software is it's a great program to get started with as an affiliate right and what is important in affiliate marketing is when you create your niche you want to build your business so you also want to collect emails and what clickfunnels allows you to do is create simple funnels to collect emails and everybody needs this every business needs this every coach every entrepreneur everybody needs to click email collect emails everybody's trying to sell something service do webinars and this is an it has all these beautiful pre-made templates for you that you can choose from so this would be a template here and if I was trying to gain leads I could also put this link in my youtube video description here and I would simply go in and maybe I'm giving away a free ebook right hey download my free ebook if you you know if you enjoyed my video download my free ebook right and I can change all this information and they would enter their email here and then I would take this link right that's created for me this is just a you know I can make it any link I want to my domain and then I would put that in my video and I would say get my free ebook and now I have an email list at what I can do is take the pre-made emails that click levels has provide me copy and paste those into my email service provider and I can market to them because a lot of people are gonna purchase on this first video they're gonna get they want to get to know you like you and trust you but down the road as I send them emails and market to them they're gonna start to buy so I hope that makes sense that's the easiest way to do it guys start a YouTube channel find it an affiliate product that you know about something you can talk about and just start making videos start by going up here type in what people are already searching for it's not rocket science right to play chess I don't know I'm just making that up oh this could be there might be my whoops maybe that's searching my channel okay let's try something here so if you look at golf golf is gonna be a big one right but if I look at golf for beginners right I could probably make some content they're both golf for beginners women golf for left-handed golfers if you're a left-handed golfer you could just start creating videos on golfing for left-handed golfers and then in your videos you would have a link to various websites that sell golf clubs and apparel and clothing you could do that on Amazon you could go to any of these sporting good web sites and grab an affiliate link go to bitly shorten it and put it in there you just have to have a call to action at the end of your video say click on my link below if you'd like to learn more about left-handed golfers and there you go guys you're in business and that's absolutely free alright I hope you enjoyed that please like comment and share if you want access to a free four day affiliate marketing training I will put that link below as well thank you

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