Legendary Marketer Review 15 Day Challenge Day 1


Welcome to this video on Legendary Marketer 15-Day challenge day one. So my goal for this is as I go through the challenge of Marty eight days through the challenge I’m going to start recording videos for each day of the challenge and I’m just going to give you a little overview of what to expect and then I will provide links below for the next day challenge and so on. So after each day, I’ll put a link for the next day’s video and so on. 

Legendary Marketer Review Day 1

Also please stick around till the end. I do have some killer bonuses for you guys. If you do decide to get started with the 15-Day Challenge, it’s an amazing, amazing online business challenge so far. I am loving it. I’m more than halfway through it and it’s just been absolutely amazing.

So let’s dive right in guys. This is day one. So if you’re not familiar with the, with Legendary Marketer it is an online business training platform. This is not a course guys. This is an actual training and there’s a huge difference. There are lots of courses out there that you can get Shopify e-commerce, how to make money on YouTube, how to make money on Instagram, how to make money on Facebook, all that kind of stuff. This is actual training. This is like going to college for a fraction of, of, of the cost, right? 

And this challenge, if you don’t know guys that used to be free, now it’s only $7. It’s a one-time payment of $7 to literally learn how to build an online business, right? How to build an online business system that’s going to work for you. 24, seven. And day one is all about right?

Legendary Marketer System

The machine putting it together. And understanding the basics of putting together a business, right? And in this case, an Affiliate Marketing business. So what I love about this is Affiliate Marketing, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s really just you’re the middleman. I’m selling a product or service for somebody else. So it’s like if you belong to a gym and you go to the gym and they say, Hey, recommend this gym to your buddies and we’ll give you a free month, or we’ll give you half off. 

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If you love going to that gym, why wouldn’t you tell a friend or a family member, Hey man, come check it out. Here’s a free pass. And if you like it, Hey, I get a free month. So come check it out, right? You’re going to tell them how great the weights are. You’re going to tell them how great the classes are, how cool the people are, right?

How much you love the locker rooms and all that kind of stuff. You’re going to tell them the truth. They’re going to tell them about stuff you love. And that’s an affiliate marketer. Myself, I only promote products that I love and I use. So right now I use various autoresponders and software and other softwares and sales funnel builders, and I’ve been using these for several years. So when I affiliate for those products and I talk about them, I talk about them with passion and honesty. 

And that, and I make money when people click on my links and buy those. That’s what this is. And you can do this with any products. I don’t care if you’re into fishing, if you’re into golf, if you’re into cars, if you’re in a knitting, if you’re into cooking, everything you learn in this training, you can apply to whatever it is you’re passionate about and you can make money with an online.

Promote Your Products Or Legendary Marketer

So you can promote the Legendary Marketer program. You can promote whatever you want. It gives you the foundation and the training to go out there and make money doing whatever it is that you love to do. And this, this day one is all about building that machine and putting the process together. So and I apologize if I look off to the right. I wrote some notes down. And what’s really cool about this as Dave breaks out for you, and if you’re not familiar, Dave sharp is the founder of Legendary Marketer

He has built several online businesses. He’s been in, been in the business for over 10 years now, and it has, has done seven figures plus in his businesses and truly a smart guy with a remarkable story. And in the beginning of this day one, he’s talking about how to put together your sales funnel, right?

And if you’re not familiar with a sales funnel, a sales funnel is basically just like a series of websites that lead people through the process, right through a sales funnel. So you’re getting them to go from a to Z. You want them to take action with a traditional website, right? If you just send people to a website, it’s like a glorified brochure. Now, there’s nothing wrong with your website if you have a website now, but it’s more a place for people to kind of gather information. Learn a little bit about you. 

A sales funnel is, is kind of the secret weapon that online marketers, digital marketers use to get sales to generate leads. So right out of the gate, Dave and his team is showing you how to use a sales funnel to make money online. Now, I remember when I first got started, I’m online marketing several years ago.

I paid someone, I think it was about 10 or $12,000, no BS. My wife, she about lost her top when I did this to build an eCommerce site. I was selling different, I was in the fitness niche and I was selling clothes and exercise equipment. I thought it was going to be a millionaire. I was like, this is it. This is the gold mine. Guess how much money I made? Zero, nada, nothing. It was this huge website. I spent 12 grand. 

There was like a team of four working on it and I have no clue what I was doing. I thought because it looked good and it was beautiful and all the pictures I was going to make a fortune and I didn’t, I wasted so much money. Sales funnels, you can build in, literally, you could have a funnel built in less than 30 minutes and you can buy software to do it for less than a hundred bucks, right?

Use Legendary Marketer Funnels

So it’s just amazing how this works. And Dave takes you through how to do that. He tells you a little bit about his story. You know, he used to be a carpenter. He didn’t go past the ninth grade. And he talks about how when you’re getting started in business, right? Just like with him working in carpentry you wouldn’t just take a hammer and just start pounding away, pounding away, pounding away, right? Your hammer is your tool, but you need a blueprint to know how to, how to use that hammer, right? 

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How to build a beautiful house. So really this is this day one is, is showing you the tools you need to be successful online. And he explains it to you in just such a great way. It’s such a simple way between the website and the sales funnels.

So this is just day one is packed with great information. It’s less than an hour. It’s actually 51 minutes. So these trainings are short and sweet. There are about 20 minutes to an hour, but there’s tons and tons of information. And another great example Dave’s use uses in here with a, with a sales funnel and selling stuff online is McDonald’s. So if you’ve ever been to McDonald’s, you probably have, when you go through the drive through, you might order just a cheeseburger. You might order just a Coke. 

Well, every time you go through McDonald’s, that’s just one big sales funnel, right? And what does McDonald’s do? Do you want fries with that? Do you want to shake? Do you want this? Do you want that? So you go in thinking you’re going to spend three bucks, you leave spending 10 or more. So that in essence is a sales funnel and that is what you’re going to learn in this training, right?

How to take something that costs $10 and turn it into a hundred dollars. Pretty cool stuff. And so that’s really essential as of day one guys, is how to put your sales funnel together. Dave gives, Dave gives you a little bit of information about him and his background, where he came from, but it really gives you a good understanding, of putting the machine together, putting the process in place. And when you watch this first day one, guys, it’s super exciting because you look at it and you’re like, I can do this, right? I can do this. 

So as I promised you guys bonuses, listen, if you want to get started with a challenge, again, it’s only $7 guys. It’s a one-time payment. I have a link below in the description. It’ll take you to my page first where I will explain to you the bonuses you’re going to get.

It’s over $2,000 worth of bonuses guys. I am an affiliate for Legendary Marketeer. So if you click under my link and buy under my link, I thank you very much for that. And I’m going to do my best to support you guys on this journey. Whether you promote for Legendary Marketer or you want to sell your own stuff online. I have a private Facebook group for people that go through the 50-day challenge. 

And I will do my best to share with you my experience of somebody who’s been using sales funnels for going on five years now. Lead generation, Facebook leads, YouTube, all that good stuff. 

And I can tell you for somebody who’s been doing this for several years, just in day one, within the first 20 minutes, I was learning something new. So I don’t care where you are in your journey. If you’re brand new, if you’re seasoned, you will get something from this. Click on the link below. Give it a shot. It’s 15-Days, it’s $7 guys. And again, I got tons of great bonuses for you and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. And again, I will put a link for day two so you can check that out, and please subscribe. If you like this, click that bell icon and give me a couple of likes. Take care. Bye.

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  • The #1 Online Business Model To Launch Now
  • The Simple 2 Step Funnel Used By All Top Affiliate Marketers 
  • How To Set Up A Real Online Business In 15 Days Or Less (so you can stop chasing scams and BS gurus)
  • How To Get Started Today With Minimal Risk!