Legendary Marketer Review 15 Day Challenge Day 4


In this video we’re going to talk about the Legendary Marketer at 15 day challenge day four. Thank you so much for being here. If you’re new to the channel guys, please subscribe. Hit that little bell so you can get notifications. I talk all about Affiliate Marketing, side hustles and way to make money online from home for guys like me, stay at home dads, dads, stay at home moms, anybody looking to make an extra income online. 

Legendary Marketer Review Day 4

So let’s dive right into it. Hopefully, you’ve been following along with me a day four, it’s all about your inner toolbox, right? And what Dave talks about here, you can see here on the video how to master the inner game of wealth. Now, when I first started doing digital marketing several years ago, I just kind of approached it as I wanted to make money, right?

I thought I was going to get rich, I was going to make money online. And for a couple of years I was doing all kinds of stuff online and I was doing Facebook ads and building sales funnels for people. And I just kind of approached it. I didn’t approach it with the right mindset. And then when I really started to hone in on my Affiliate Marketing business about a year ago and what I did that I made a switch. So everything else I was doing kind of a little side things to make extra money online. I put off to the side and I focused 100% on Affiliate Marketing. 

Now one of the biggest things and the hardest things for people to get over with Affiliate Marketing, and this is a big thing too, that nobody tells you. Okay? and nobody told me at first and, and I struggled and struggled and struggled is that Affiliate Marketing and just making money online in general is a longterm game.

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You have to stick with it. You have to pump it out every single day. Now you can do it. Like me, I put in an hour to two a day. Sometimes I might only put in an hour or two a week. But I notice the days and the weeks and the months that I put in more work. Guess what? I make a little more money the next month. So you might not make money your first month, your first month, your first three months, your first six months. 

But guess what? If I’m day 89, you all of a sudden say, screw this. This sucks. I’m not making any money. Guess what could have happened on day 90, right? That a hundred dollar ding would’ve come in or that $500 ding or that thousand dollars ding when it come through. And that’s what I’m seeing starting to happen with me. I really started going heavy on this probably may of last year and focusing on my YouTube channel, like here, focusing on my blog and just providing content.

And guys, I’m 47 years old, like I’m, I’m, I’m learning as I go and I’m getting better and I’m getting stronger at this and you just gotta go for it. So that being said, what Dave really talks about here is the inner game. 

Dave talks about the mechanics versus the dynamics. So the mechanics kind of being everything to run your backend of your business, right? That’s your sales funnels. You’re automating your lead generation, setting up your emails, writing your copy and kind of getting the tools into place. 

And those are things you’re going to learn in the challenge. And, and those coding or anything that anyone can do this, right? You don’t need to have any kind of any kind of technical background. So don’t ever think that.

So once you kind of learn the tools that you need to be successful, then you got to think about the inner dynamics, right? These are the inner tools. This is the relationship you have with yourself. This is having the belief, right? Having that money mindset that you are good enough, right? And you are worthy of making money online and heck, making good money online, right? And you can do it and anyone can do it. 

And another thing Dave talks about in day four, which is really interesting, is kind of our relationship with money, right? How we grow up. And one of the books he recommends in here is a book called rich dad. Poor dad, if you haven’t read it, go out and read it. And I’m Robert Kiyosaki, if you don’t know him, he is, he’s, he’s he’s one of the grades when it comes to talking about finances and the money mindset and how poor people stay.

Poor rich people get rich or get richer. You probably heard that. But a lot of it too is changing your mindset and changing your habits and, and saying, instead of saying, ah, I can never have that saying I can and I will. So kind of kind of going over that, I’m not going to go too, too deep into it, but really you know, taking yourself out of that programmed mind of, well, I’m never gonna, I’m never gonna get rich or I’m never going to make money. And to you getting rich might be an extra 100 bucks a month. 

It might be an extra thousand. Maybe your goal is 10,000. But it’s getting out of that mindset. And this is one of the most important things that nobody talks about. Cause you can learn how to build a sales funnel. You can learn how to send emails, you can learn the right products, but if you don’t have the right mindset, you’re never gonna make it.

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Okay. so think about that. But it’s all about re reprogramming, right? The subconscious mind and creating that repetition. So like with my videos and with my blog posts, I have to keep posting every day or K or at worst case scenario every other day with when kids get in the way. You might even see the stroller behind me here. It is hard. Right now my kids are off to the park with my wife. So I’m going to get, get a couple of videos out and work on my blog for about two hours. 

And then I know that I can’t do it again. So I find time to do what I can and I try to stay consistent every single day. And another thing which is really interesting is Dave talks about kind of the employee mindset, right? Like an employee, once you go to work and you get that paycheck, you’re an employee, right?

You’re working every day, week to week to collect a paycheck. We’re an entrepreneur, we’ll work for free, right? Because they’re hungry, right? They want it. So that was an interesting thing they talked about. And then, you know, Dave goes into a little bit about his own self story about self sabotage. You know, Dave left his house at 14 years old. He was a teenage father at 16. You know, he abused drugs and alcohol and you know, he’s been sober now and this was something for me personally to relate to. 

I’ve been sober for over 13 years. I got sober at 35 years old and all my buddies were off buying houses and getting married and having kids. And now some of my buddies, kids are even going to college and it took me until 35 to be like, alright, this isn’t working out for me.

So having that mental shift, right. You know, especially, you know, someone with an addiction like myself, it’s hard, right? Cause we want instant gratification and affiliate markets. Not instant gratification. But once you do get it, it’s, it’s right. It’s fantastic. So, but Papa, but then he talks about, you know, starting to gain knowledge and change his awareness and then just keep doing what you’re doing. You know, if you keep, this is what he said. 

If you keep doing what you’re doing and you’re gonna get what you always got, right. So if every night you, you watch five hours of TV and you’re always wondering why you don’t have any money, well keep watching TV and you’re not going to have any money. But if you take those couple of hours and do a little work on the computer, write a couple blog posts, make a couple of videos and work on your, your business, you’re going to make money.

Right. Common sense. So that’s kinda what I wanted to wrap up there really is focusing on that mindset. So this is this training guys is not just how to, how to put together your sales funnel and your lead generation and sell products. This is the whole package. So if you haven’t signed up for the 15 day challenge yet, I highly recommend you do. So it’s only $7. Guys, there is a link below here where if you sign up under my affiliate link, I have over $2,000 worth of bonuses for you. 

Also, I’ve set up a private Facebook group where you can contact with me one on one and I go live every week to help you build your funnels, do, do whatever I can to offer some extra support. Okay? You’re gonna get tons of support from the Legendary Marketer team and also in their Facebook group. But I also want to give a little personal support and a little thank you if you do sign up with me. So thank you so much for watching guys. Click on the link below. Get started. I’m telling you it’s only seven bucks. It’s a onetime payment. This training so far is absolutely fantastic and a check out a day. Five coming up. Bye.

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  • The #1 Online Business Model To Launch Now
  • The Simple 2 Step Funnel Used By All Top Affiliate Marketers 
  • How To Set Up A Real Online Business In 15 Days Or Less (so you can stop chasing scams and BS gurus)
  • How To Get Started Today With Minimal Risk!