Legendary Marketer Review 15 Day Challenge Day 5


Judd Albring here and welcome to this video about Legendary Marketer 15-day challenge date number five. So, so happy to be here. If you’re new to the channel, please hit that subscribe button, hit that bell icon so you can keep getting notified and talk about all about Affiliate Marketing, how to make money at home, and really how to find that financial freedom right for you and for your family. 

Legendary Marketer Review – Day 5

So let’s get right into it. Day five is the big day, right? This is developing your business plan. Now for me, I started a couple small businesses years ago before I, before I got married, it was my first kind of, you know, way my first kind of, I’m dipping my toes in the water of entrepreneur aneurysm and I thought I knew what I was doing and I started a brick and mortar business, actually had a yoga studio, believe it or not.

And then we started kind of like a fitness clothing on the side, which is stupid to, to start two businesses basically. But I really struggled trying to find out who my audience was, right? I was kind of all over the place. I was definitely just going for the masses and that’s the wrong way to do it. And I struggled and it sucked and it didn’t have a business plan. 

Legendary Marketer Training

Okay. Now going through this training, I have a plan and it’s clear to me like laser focus to me what I need to do each day and who is my audience? Who am I reaching? Who do I want to serve? So this is a really, really great session here and you get a downloadable business plan. I’m going to show you that. Where is it? So you have a business plan here where you can talk about, you know, who’s your target market.

You know, what’s your ideal customer, your business model? And they go over more in the video here. You know, how will I convert leads in the sales? Where does my ideal customer hang out? I’m not going to go through all of it, but you get the idea. But if you’ve never done a business plan before, now this is a pretty straightforward business plan. This isn’t pages and pages you think business plan like, Oh my God, a hundred pages. 

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But, this helps you get a very clear direction on what your end goal is, who you’re serving. And the more laser focused you are the easier it’s going to be for you to put out content or sell your product or what ever it is you’re looking to do. Cause you know exactly who you’re serving and what you’re doing. So this is a great, great training.

It’s not very long. There’s also a business plan class. I’m gonna go ahead and click on this real quick. So you have here, you can download the business plan and you can also check out an example. Now, I went through this. It’s absolutely awesome. Let me see if I can’t fast forward a little bit here. Can actually create a powerful business with multiple streams. Okay. 

Legendary Marketer Training Videos

So in the video here, and you can see now the, when you click on day five, it’s going to say it’s only 11 minutes. But you actually go here and you’re getting a now an hour and a half deep dive into your goal setting where you want to be. And if you remember my video the other day, Dave talks about the core four and the core four is having these are four. Mmm. Four of the, the most profitable ways to make money.

Number one is right selling digital products. Number two would be coaching and consulting events and masterminds. And then Affiliate Marketing, which is what I do in which, which is what you’re going to learn about. And here now you can take all the skills. What’s great about Affiliate Marketing, you can take all those skills and grow them into coaching and consulting events and masterminds and digital products.

But, what all three of these things have, and this is something cool, let me see if I can make this a little bigger. And I don’t think I talked about this the other day, but if you notice here, what all four of these things have when you’re creating your business plan is you want to make sure that they have, they can check all three of these boxes, right? That there is customers right for what you’re trying to do so that you can also always get a influx of customers.

How To Sell More!

Number two is that you can sell more to those customers because you don’t want to keep trying to get new customers. You want to be able to sell more to those. And then number three is can you sell higher ticket products to those people? So a perfect example is if you heard me talk the other day about my yoga business is I only sold memberships and I stopped right there. I didn’t know what else to sell them. I really didn’t have a higher ticket product. 

I can’t remember what at the time when we were selling it for 60 75 bucks for a membership, but I didn’t have anything to go above that. I couldn’t sell them more stuff. And it was, it was ridiculous because I had all these people coming in every day and I wasn’t selling them more stuff.

They’re there. They want to buy from you, they want to, they want to do more with you, they want to learn more. So that’s really interesting here. So the business plan is really, really cool guys. You can download the business plan, you can get examples. This is plan here. Let me go back. Also, what you get here is you’re able to download the template. So you get some email templates and you also get some video script templates. 

Legendary Marketer Video Sales Scripts

These are priceless guys. The video script templates, I’ve already started using them and I’ve been doing videos, you know, bridge videos, things like that, and, and helping my customers with videos for a couple of years. And this is just such a simple yet powerful video script. The first time I read it, I was like, Oh, I feel like such a moron because I wasted so much time.

So this is valuable stuff guys. Again, if you’re a brand new to this, even if you’re seasoned, you’re going to find this, these downloads extremely, extremely powerful. So let me just recap again, but, but one, Oh yeah. Another interesting thing Dave talks about, and here is, if you’ve never heard this before, is, is you’re the equivalent of the five people that you hang out with. And I think this is really true. So again, you’re the equivalent of the five people that you hang out with. 

So if you’re trying to do something right, if you’re watching this video right now because you’re thinking about starting an online business and you really are truly want to do it, but then the four other guys or girls you hang out with are troublemakers up to no good, don’t, aren’t really doing much with their life and just kind of bumming around.

But you have this passion and the drive to go for it, you probably need to start. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your friends, but you probably need to start associating with other likeminded people, other like-minded entrepreneurs. And the way you can do that, right? You don’t have to spend any money yet. You can get involved in groups on Facebook, right? 

Join Affiliate Marketing Groups

Join Affiliate Marketing groups, digital marketing groups, right? Online business groups. Go to events in your area. Look on event tribe, right? These are free events. And that’s, that’s crucial. When I quit drinking over Oh, I think I’m at 13 years sober now, going on 14, isn’t it? I don’t know. Anyways, long time ago. And when I quit drinking, I had to take myself away from, from those bad people. Some of them I still talk to.

It doesn’t mean I completely took them out of my life, but I started surrounding myself with sober people, healthy people, people that are growing businesses online and those people help kind of fuel my passion, fuel my fire. So that’s really, really cool. And that’s important guys. Also what’s really cool is here you can go in and see a lot more of the testimonials in here. Watch them, because I guarantee there’s going to be someone that you could connect with in there. 

And then another good thing he talks about is, is, you know, is looking at how different affiliate programs, what was this one? Oh, for high ticket items. This was interesting when putting together a business plan, let’s say you’re looking at selling a different affiliate product. Maybe it’s for golf or fishing or fitness, is you really want to do your research and make sure that, you know, how these programs pay out.

Is it 30 days, 60 90? Is it a lifetime? Okay. Like Legendary Marketer, this is a lifetime program. I know if somebody signs up with me and buy something five years from now, I’m still going to get paid for that. A lot of other affiliate companies don’t. They’ll give you the first initial sale, but not the longterm. So that’s crucial to think about with your business plan. If you’re gonna put in all this work now to build your business, promote products, and really stand behind a brand, you want them to support you for the long haul. Okay? So that’s it guys. 

To wrap up, day number five, I hope you enjoyed it. Please like below punch that like so more people will hear about us. And again, if you haven’t subscribed, please do so. If you’re ready to get rocking and rolling with the challenge, guys, I highly recommend you do it. It’s seven bucks, guys. It’s a price of a burrito or a lunch at McDonald’s or wherever the heck you go. 

Click here to get started with the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. I’ve got over $2,000 worth of bonuses, plus I’m going to get access to my private Facebook group where I can help you out on a more personal and deeper level. So thank you so much for watching. Get started today guys. That’ll change your life. Take care. Bye.

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  • The #1 Online Business Model To Launch Now
  • The Simple 2 Step Funnel Used By All Top Affiliate Marketers 
  • How To Set Up A Real Online Business In 15 Days Or Less (so you can stop chasing scams and BS gurus)
  • How To Get Started Today With Minimal Risk!