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Hey guys, do you want to know the best side gigs from home with no experience?

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Side Gigs From Home With No Experience

 All right, now let’s get into it. So a little bit about me real quick guys. I am a stay at home dad and I’ve been making online money online for going on five years now. And over the past year, I’ve been making on a consistent basis a thousand to $2,000 a month from home passively.

And I’m actually going to show you guys exactly how I do that at the end of this video. So make sure you stick around. Now let’s get rolling here. So how you can do this side gig from home. This is really, really cool stuff, but please pay close attention. Okay, there’s a little bit of work involved. So unlike passive ways of making money online with blogs, YouTube, things like that, this is going to take a little bit of work, but the payoff is great. 

Side Gigs Website I Recommend

So there are two websites that I recommend you go check out. Number one is called Number two is called Now when you start looking through those two websites, you’re going to see all different types of jobs being posted. Companies all over the world and a lot of entrepreneurs, so people who are looking for very simple basic pro projects.

It could be a logo design, it could be writing emails, it could be deleting emails, it could be stuff like managing their, their social media accounts and so forth. But what I want to show you here is a trick that I’ve learned where you can actually, um, get work done for you. Okay?

So stick with me. So when you go to freelancer and you go to UpWork, so let’s say a great place to start would be to search in logo design and you’re going to see hundreds if not thousands of people with looking for logo design. And what you can do is bid on those various projects. 

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Side Gigs – NO Experience

Now you might be thinking, I don’t know how to design a logo. Well, here’s the trick. You go to a little website called Fiverr. Now on Fiverr, you can get logos designed for maybe 20, 30, 40, $50, but you’re looking for jobs on UpWork and Freelancer that are paying a hundred, 200, $300.

So what you’re doing is subcontracting the work out to someone on Fiverr. Makes sense. And what is great is you can get, um, you can contact five, six, seven different people on, on Fiverr and say, Hey, could you send me a couple of your samples? And then you can send those to the people on freelancer and UpWork and say, Hey, listen, these are a couple of things that my designer came up with. You want to be honest and upfront and ethical.

You don’t have to tell them where your designers from, but you can say, my team’s working on it. And, they might look and say, “we want something like this”. You go back to the person on fiber and you say, Hey, this is what we want, blah, blah, blah. Because they’re going to tell you exactly what they want on freelancer and on UpWork, they’re going to tell you what they’re looking for.

Another great thing is a lot of people are looking for blog articles to be written and they’ll pay a lot of money for that. You can also, go to a place like Fiverr and subcontract out someone to write the blog for you. So you have to be strategic about it and it’s going to take a little time to figure out who are the good people. But once you find someone that you enjoy working with on Fiverr, the sky’s the limit because you can start outsourcing all this work and start taking on lots of jobs from Freelancer and from UpWork. Okay? So give it a shot. 

Affiliate Marketing Side Gig

The way I make money online guys is with affiliate marketing, so I sell other people’s products and services and this is something you can do. It’s super simple to get started. Now it takes a little leg work, right to get up and running, but you don’t need any experience in any sales experience.

I didn’t even know how to text when I started this business and what I do is I refer other people’s products, so I talk about products that I use and I enjoy. So you start thinking about what are your passions, what are your, what are your interests? It could be fishing, it could be golf, it could be knitting, it could be cooking, it could be anything. 

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There’s an affiliate program for that and what you do is you create content around that on places like YouTube, on a blog, on Facebook, Instagram, and all you’re doing is reviewing, talking about it, sharing with sharing with other people how much you love it, and they click on your link and if they go and buy from that site, guess what? You make money.

I like to focus on high ticket. Affiliate programs. What I mean by that is I want to focus on high ticket offers that are going to pay me a hundred dollars thousand dollars and more per sale because I’m doing the same amount of work.

And if you want to learn how to do that, I will put a link below. Guys, you can go check out my free video and learn exactly how I do this. Also, if you’d like my free ebook, just comment below in the comments free ebook and I will give you the link for that as well. So I hope you enjoy it. Listen, I’m going to show you a couple of other videos at the end here that you can check out. If you want to learn more about how to make money online, have a good one.

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  • The #1 Online Business Model To Launch Now
  • The Simple 2 Step Funnel Used By All Top Affiliate Marketers 
  • How To Set Up A Real Online Business In 15 Days Or Less (so you can stop chasing scams and BS gurus)
  • How To Get Started Today With Minimal Risk!