What is ClickFunnels used for? | How to sell your products and services.

If you have an idea running around that brain of yours and you want to get it out to the world then ClickFunnels is the tool for you!

Are you an existing business looking to get more clients? Or a coach who needs more clients?

The list goes on and on. This tool is the “go-to” software for anyone looking to make an impact online and seriously grow their business.

So What Is ClickFunnels Used For?

ClickFunnels, at its core, is a sales funnel builder that helps you get more leads and sell more products and services online.

You can also use it to build membership sites, courses, eCommerce and webinars.

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How I Use ClickFunnels To Make An Extra $1000/m

I have been a ClickFunnels user for over 4 years. I started using it to build landing pages and collect leads for clients.

As I got more familiar with the tool and started to really pay attention to Russell Brunson (founder) I started to promote as an affiliate.

The affiliate program is hands down the best I have ever seen.

They payout up to 40% recurring commissions.

Basically, I write blog posts like this, make YouTube videos and maybe run an ad here or there telling people how awesome ClickFunnels is.

You can create an entire business around just ClickFunnel’s core products. Thet have several to choose from but the main Start-Up plan is the bread and butter in my opinion.

Video Transcript: What is ClickFunnels used for?
hello and welcome to this video on whatis click funnels used for so greatquestion click funnels is used for allsorts of things now mainly click funnelsis used as a lead generation tool it'sused to sell your products and serviceshowever you can also do all kinds ofother amazing things on here you cancreate webinars you can create you cansell ecommerce products you can dotraining coursesdid I say webinars yes so you can dopretty much everything and let me showyou how that works so what I would do isI'm just gonna do the classic funnelbuilder now look here so I can dowebinars I can sell products and I cancollect emails let's go with the basicone here most people when they getstarted they're using click funnels tocollect emails and grow their businessnow why funnels is so powerful and morepowerful than a website is because ittakes your client or your potentialclient or customer through a series ofsteps so they have to go through thesesteps in order to get what they want okso let's say you're giving away a freeebook or a free course or a freetraining or free membership thissystematically takes them through theprocessif they were to simply go to yourwebsite they're gonna get lost this asyou can see takes them through thefunnel steps now you can connect this toyour email service provider they clickfunnels integrates with just abouteverybody so that's how you would use itin its most general sense right andpeople I would use for example this issomething like if I was creating a leadgeneration funnel maybe I'm giving awaylike get Brian get my free ebook orsomething ok and they would put in theirname and information and then boom Iwould send in the e-book and all theseare completely right you can change allthis out these are all templates you canchange the colors the buttons all kindsof stuff I'm not going to go into toomuch detail there but everything issuper simple super drag-and-drop no techexperience needed but another way thatpeople might use click funnels or Ishould say mythey do use it is to sell products andservices so now let's say for examplehere I have somebody I'm giving awaysomething for free but then I also wantto this is called they might call it atripwire meaning I give away somethingfor free but then I'm gonna trip them uphere and say hey before you leave wouldyou like to buy X Y & Z and so I mightdo something like a one simple offerright and these can easily be added toyour stripe account PayPal whateveryou're using and you could use a videoyou could use how whatever it is youwant to sell maybe you're promoting awebinar or somethingthis is somebody here clickfunnels usershe sells soap her name is Jaime andshe's actually a million dollar earnerusing clickfunnels so pretty excitingstuff and you could just see the powerof you know people are sellingeverything from soap to coaching tocourses to trainings you name it youknow and this might be an upsell heyyou're your free ebook is on the way butin the meantime can I interest you in XY & Z yes that would be greatclick on it and they buy it so you getit right you see how the funnels areworking we're taking them through thetop of the funnel down to the bottom ofthe funnel so clickfunnels can be usedfor everything guys you can createcourses on here you can sell products onhere you can do membership sites you cancollect leads you can do whatever youwant it is truly truly powerful stuffand there's a great great community guysthat is growing by the day by the secondby the hour like minded people like youwho want to grow their business onlineand maybe you're somebody in a positionright now where you have this idea inyour head but you're not really surewhat to do with it click funnels is agreat place to do that they also offerwhat's called a one funnel way challengeit is a 30 day training that'llbasically take you from step one tolaunching your new business your newproduct by day 30 I'll put a link foryou below as well if you'd like to checkthat out it's a great great program Iwent through that last January hashelped me tremendously grow my businessthanks so much for watching have a greatdayyo

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