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If you’re looking to start adding a new way to grow your downline then the ClickFunnels Network Marketing book is for you.

Network marketing hasn’t changed much over the years. They promise you the moon and the stars and all you have to do is call everyone you know, get them on a 3-way call and BOOM, your rich!

BUt, what happens after you’ve exhausted your list and pissed off a few people along the way?

And what about your downline? Are they still as excited as you are about the opportunity?

Enter ClickFunnels For Network Marketing!

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ClickFunnels And MLM’s

Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels Co-Founder) loves network marketing and even won a Ferrari several years back promoting a for a Network Marketing Company.

And how did he win that Ferrari? He did what no other network marketer was doing. Created an offer around the product and differentiated himself.

This is just one of the tactics you will learn in this free book.

Funnels For Network Marketing

ClickFunnels has taken that “uncomfortableness” out of the traditional way MLM’s have been doing things for years.

You will learn how to build funnels (no tech required) for 3-way call onboarding, home parties and hotel parties. And much more.

You will learn how to build funnels that attract the right people. People who are truly interested in your product and opportunity.

Grab your Free Copy Of Network Marketing Secrets today!

Closed Caption Video Transcript Available:

hello and welcome to the video this is
Judd Albring and today imma talk to

you about clickfunnels for network
marketing so for those that aren’t aware

Russell actually got started many years
ago in network marketing so he is very

into network marketing the business
model I know that he currently is

involved in network marketing program
and that he’s invested in himself so if

you have listened to his podcast if you
haven’t go listen to it marketing

secrets he does talk about that so he is
a big fan of network marketing and

Steven Larson who used to work for
clickfunnels does a lot of program a lot

of trainings on network marketing using
funnels and helping people build their

downline so there is a lot of push from
click funnels now to get the network

marketing industry to kind of change the
way they used to do things the old way

of you know calling people on the phone
doing the three-way call doing the hotel

call and the parties at the house I know
I’ve been a part of them on both sides

of been and network marketing I work
with network marketing people so people

who are now moving towards funnels are
not only seeing a huge increase in their

downline but it’s simplifying the
process it’s taking that out that

uncomfortableness so that being said I’m
gonna put a link below for you guys

where you can get a copy of Russell’s
new book network marketing secrets he’s

going to show you how to create all the
current you know kind of the current way

in the way that markets network
marketing has been taught for years the

three we call the home party the hotel
meeting and how to turn that into a

funnel and get people into your downline
that way and what’s really cool about

this guys is if you’re promoting on
Instagram or Facebook or whatever your

social media choices you can link people
directly to this funnel so rather than

taking them to you’re just kind of blank
associate or or I don’t know you know I

know everybody kind of has different
names consultant page or whatever design

or whatever it may be whether it’s in

or ridden in fields or isagenix it
allows you to take them through the

funnel and get their name get their
information and start building an email

list and start taking them through the
funnel process to then get them on the

phone call then get them into the
opportunity so you’re warming them up

prior to even making that call okay so
no more of the cold calls or anything

like that it goes through all the
different strategies right the core

strategies the core funnels and there’s
plenty of places within Facebook or

within clickfunnels guys where you can
get free MLM funnels that you can upload

into your account okay which is awesome
and how do you recommend becoming a part

of the click funnels Facebook group lots
of people in that community right now

network marketers who are doing funnels
that you could communicate with so get

on this I will put a link below guys you
can get the free book it comes in just a

few days I got mine in I think three
days so it’s free you play paid just

shipping and handling for that I’ll put
a link below kids are yelling at me so I

gotta go but please like comment
subscribe share and if you’ve been in

network marketing for a while guys
you’re kind of tired of the way the old

things are going read this book it’ll
change your life start building funnels

get in there I will put a free 14-day
trial for you below and I’m an affiliate

so thank you so much helps me keep my
channel and how Pete’s keeps those loud

kids fed have a great day guys please
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