How to Start a YouTube Channel And Make Money Daily! Step By Step

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money on YouTube is with affiliate marketing.

If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel and make money daily, you’ve come to the right place.

I started my channel a few months ago and it’s already starting to generate around $1000 per month. Not bad considering I’m a nobody and only have around 1k subscribers.

See, none of that stuff matters. You don’t have to be a bog influencer or even show your face on camera. In fact, most of my videos are done using a screen share software like ScreenFlow or Camtasia for Windows users.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Probably the most popular way to make money on YouTube is with affiliate marketing.

Basically you are promoting other people’s products and when someone buys you get a percentage.

A great example is makeup. You see a ton of makeup videos with young girls applying makeup and giving beauty tips.

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At the end of each video, they say “if you like this shade of lipstick you can click on the link in the description to learn more.” When people click on the link and buy they get paid.

You can do this in any, cooking, health, gaming, fishing and much more.

Just type your favorite hobby in Google followed by “affiliate program” and that should give you a good place to start. Then make a video about it and drop your link in the description.

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Video Transcript: Make Money On YouTube
lright guys in this video I'm gonna show you how to start a YouTube channel that makes you money now guys as you probably know or maybe you don't starting a YouTube channel guys doesn't cost you a penny all you have to do is you know a link your Google account have a Google email or Gmail and you can start YouTube channel YouTube is owned by Google and it is the second largest search engine out there so people are on YouTube every single day and what I love about YouTube and why it's great to start a business on YouTube is because people are looking for help they are looking for solutions they are looking to buy right they're looking for answers you can simply go into YouTube now and click in how-to and you'll see all these different things so depending on what you do maybe you're a golfer right you enjoy golf okay and when I tell people when they're starting an affiliate marketing business or starting a business to make money online on YouTube is start with what you know what you're good at you don't have to be an expert you just have to know a little bit more than the next person what is something you could talk about all day long maybe you play an instrument maybe you'd like to cook maybe you're into fitness maybe you'd like the garden maybe you like to knit maybe you're good at video games I don't know but people are searching for it they want answers they want help so let's say Golf for example golf obviously is a huge niche but golf for beginners is is even more niche down but what if you did this golf for left handed beginners right only minutes earlier you tube golf lefty series 23,000 views 4000 views will swing left-handed left-handed golf tip one hundred and fifty nine thousand views hundred twenty four thousand views so what you do is if you're a left-handed golfer you just start making these videos and then in the video if this person did it correctly they probably have an affiliate link so this guy's doing a bunch of lessons and then let's see what he has here right and this is you can see this is not shot with any high quality video equipment and so here to learn more about Taffer Golf Center Manchester so they're promoting looks like a golf center but you would click here and that takes you to where where they're going let's see what the link is so they could just be promoting their golf club yeah so they're promoting their golf club so you come here and you you're interested in this they might be just promoting that local but what I would do is I would have a link here right you know to learn more about the left-handed clubs I used in this video click here and this would have a link an affiliate link they would go to where they can buy left-handed golf clubs make sense now my channel guys I only have about a thousand people on my channel but I this channel makes me about $1,000 a month and I've done all these videos before and as I make more videos I start to make more money but I do this in my spare time I'm a stay-at-home dad I help other parents you want to make some money on the side and what I do is my main product I promote is called click funnels it's a software that internet marketers use pretty much anybody online that needs to collect leads build a business online they use this software so I just create all these different kinds of videos some have very few views but you can see how it adds up because I've got hundreds of videos here I do reviews I do all kinds of stuff and then what I do is in my video right now I'm not just coming up with these I'm not just not just coming up with these right these are things that are people are looking for click funnels giveaway funnel so I typed it into here and this is one of the things that came up this is called a long tail keyword if I just tried to compete for click funnels I'd never make it but click funnels giveaway funnel not as many people are doing info on that so I do information on it I answer the question and then I put a link in here and at the end of the video I say if you'd like to learn more about click funnels click on the link when they click on the link tada it takes them to click funnels and they can start a free trial now what I do is to get my link short like that is I copy my links from my back end here and you just paste your long link right because when you get an affiliate link see it's gonna be all and long like that and you put it in here and it'll create a short link for you you copy it this is totally free it's called bitly vit lui so anything that you are passionate about guys anything that you can talk about for hours on end chances are there's an affiliate programming for it just look up golf affiliate programs fishing affiliate programs fitness affiliate programs cooking affiliate programs and so on if there's something you enjoy doing there is an affiliate program for it start a youtube channel also a great way another thing to do is with a software like click funnels is you can add links to start collecting emails because if you just send people straight to the affiliate offer yes you're gonna make some money but the problem is you're not collecting those emails what I like to do is create a bridge page where I say get my free information I collect their email then I can start emailing them my offers and my products and my services because I own that traffic now YouTube owns the traffic that clicks on my link but I own the traffic that clicks on my linking kids from the emails see the difference so I can start building up a business over time and click funnels is a great affiliate program to get started with it's easy it's free and I will put a link below guys I do have a free four day training see that's what I'm doing right now affiliate marketing you can try my free four day training and see if you like it and I'll put a link below so that's really affiliate marketing guys how to start making money on you two easy you start a channel you get a Google email if you don't and you come up with a niche what is it that you're going to talk about make it very clear up here you can create a banner like this on a website called canva it's absolutely free and I won't go into too much detail on this but you can create everything in here for free all your different banners all that stuff you don't even need a Facebook page to do this guy's and you really don't even need an email address just a web just a Gmail and a YouTube account and you just start creating videos get a screen sharing software Camtasia for Windows or ScreenFlow for Mac and just start recording videos I'm not even using a fancy mic guys I'm just using a regular old headset mic and that's it and you just give people what they want you give them what they ask for you provide value you put a link and you give a call to action if you'd like to learn more click on my link below and that's it so any please comment questions please like subscribe and share have a good one

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