Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Start NOW!

I started digital marketing a few years ago as a side hustle. My goal was just to get to a few hundred dollars a month.

After lots of trial and error, I was able to go well beyond a few hundred a month. And, with only about an hour or two hours of work each week.

Affiliate marketing is the BEST side hustle out there!

Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Start NOW!

When starting affiliate marketing its important to focus on these three things.

  • High Paying Products With Recurring Revenue
  • Getting The Right Kinds Of Traffic
  • Automating The Process
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In my video above, I go into the above in detail and show you what you need to get started. The high paying product I use is ClickFunnels.

When it comes to the best traffic I recommend FREE organic traffic from places like YouTube and Google.

In order to automate the process, you need great content, sales funnels, and email automation.

In my free 4-day course I go over how to get your affiliate marketing business set up step by step!

Video Transcript: Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Start NOW!
ello and welcome to this video on affiliate marketing the best way to start now my name is gentleman and I am the digital marketer and affiliate marketer going on five years now I'm actually stayed home dad and I started doing this several years ago as a way to make extra money from home and it's slowly turning into more than that as I start to make more money and really start to learn more about affiliate marketing and making money online and it's just a blast to do and it's a great way to make extra money and also to make a lot of full-time income and the thing is with affiliate marketing is anybody can do it right it's a simple simple process to do what's hard is actually doing the work there is a lot of work that goes in on the back end but once you get that figured out and once you get that system down find the right products you start finding ways to get traffic and you know how to set this all up it gets better and better and better so that's the thing is most people who get into affiliate marketing they quit around the three four month mark because they don't see anything happening and the problem is they quit at probably the best time to actually keep going because if those breakthroughs come at that six-month mark and more so if you are serious about doing this stick with it and and you will find success I promise you so in this video guys I'm going to talk about three secrets secret number one choosing the right product secret number two getting the right traffic because you need traffic and number three is which I think a lot of people don't show you is actually how to set this up so let's get right into it guys so secret number one choosing the right product product now when you are looking for a product to promote you want obviously you want it to be a high paying product see a lot of people teach promoting Amazon selling stuff on Amazon and although Amazon is a great place and there are people that do well with it the problem is is you're putting in the same amount of work whether you're doing YouTube videos blogs or even paid advertising and the highest percentage you can get with an affiliate product on an Amazon is around 10% trust me I know because that's where I started it's easy to start and I just started kind of promoting random stuff and I was getting commissions for like 13 cents 75 cents a dollar and I was like there's got to be a better way so finding the right product which is a high-paying product finding a product that is a recurring product so what that is is that you get paid month after month after month and typically find that with SAS companies the sasses software as a service so if you use any kind of software right now where you pay a monthly fee right you probably have something on your computer maybe it's a plugin for WordPress or maybe it's a tool you use to run your business you pay a monthly recurring fee for that chances are they have an affiliate program and so if somebody referred you they're getting a percentage month after month after month as long as you keep using the product and when you find the right high-paying product that people stay on month after month because they need it to run their business to run their life you continue to get paid for years and years to come so that's recurring revenue now third is a lot of people don't talk about this is support when you are gonna promote a product right it can be high paying and it can be recurring but if this company is a really offering support then you're screwed now what when I look for affiliate companies to promote and I'm gonna share with you guys the best product I think is out there is that I look obviously for high paying recurring but also I want a company that's going to support me as an affiliate now the company I use their affiliate program is almost like its own business within their business because they are so so supportive of their affiliates they want them to keep promoting their product right and it's a great product so they literally we have our own Facebook group they have their own team that is devoted to supporting us that is active that answers questions they give us a material to promote the product that give us emails to give us swipe files videos the list goes on and on so they mean they are truly handing us a business all we have to do is figure out find creative ways to get out there and promote it all right so let's dive in now the first thing it whoops let me go back sorry guys so secret number one choosing the right product so let me get into that I'm gonna show you guys two things where do I want to go here okay sorry about that guys I got a little dog crawling shoulders here all right so this is the product that I promote and I promote several products but this is one of them and this is called clickfunnels now you can go out there guys and simply type in reoccurring affiliate programs and find something else but this is the one that I'm going to talk about we'd be here all day if I shared with you every recurring failure program the reason I love click funnels is because there's no cost to get started they have a free affiliate bootcamp which is a 30 day bootcamp they also have a program where you can win a dream car which means once you get to a hundred affiliates and I'll go into that in a minute you can they'll pay for your green car meaning they'll give you five hundred dollars a month on top of your existing recurring commissions towards the car of your choice when you get to 200 affiliates or users of the software let me actually give you $1,000 towards a car so they have lots of greater than Santa's lots of great support let me show you kind of the breakdown here another thing this is what I was talking about is high paying Commission they pay 40% guys reoccurring Commission so the starter plan you're gonna get paid $38 a month now you might think well that's not a lot of money so the software for click funnels is $97 a month and I'll leave some more information below guys so you can actually learn more about the software tool of click funnels in a nutshell what it does is it builds landing pages websites membership sites courses it is basically an internet marketers dream software pretty much every internet marketer out there every affiliate marker local business owner anybody who needs to get leads sell product or services using this software's using this tool and it's very user friendly no no technical experience I'll drag and drop and I'll put some links below guys where you can get some free training on this don't worry when I started it it took a few days but once I kind of got the hang of it I was off to the races I couldn't believe how amazing the software was but what's cool about this is that the 40% Commission so if you look here 38 dollars a month now that's off at their core product which is $97 so you get 38 dollars a month now they have a step above that which is called the enterprise plan which is 297 a month you get 118 so when you do the math guys this starts to add up that at if you just had 10 users at this plan you're already at $1,000 a month guys a month that's insane and then 38 right you start to work your way up right you do the math so it's basically more or less double than that you know you're at 20 right around me a thousand mark a little below and then it starts to grow and grow and grow but what's great about this guys this is reoccurring Commission every single month right monthly we're renewing revenues what this means you're getting this stuff every single month and it compounds there are affiliates right now who have 100 200 300 400 even affiliates that have up into the thousands and this is the only thing they promote they are running businesses with this affiliate program they are buying homes and cars it's insane and then they have some high-end stuff I'm not going to go into that right now but this is the core here so the way it works is you simply can you have various links you can choose from and you would just go in and click and copy your link and it has your specific code in there and you put it on your blog and your YouTube channel in your emails and when people click on it and buy that's how you get paid so that's gonna take me to the next section guys so right getting the right traffic and I'm gonna show you how I do this and how I use this link so free traffic versus paid there's a big difference here now free traffic obviously is organic traffic that comes from places like YouTube and Google and your blog and Facebook and things like that but what's great about free traffic guys is these are people who are looking for a solution to their problem they are actively typing into Google how can I make money online how can i how can I hit my golf drive more than 300 yards how can i redo my back deck all these things they're looking for solutions and chances are when they search into Google they're gonna come across an article or a video or something and somebody's going to offer them the solution and then they're gonna say hey if you'd like to learn more click here and voila guess what that's an affiliate link I mean that's really affiliate marketing in a nutshell paid traffic is great for scaling I recommend paid traffic once you've started to kind of grow up organic base and you have the money to do it the problem with paid traffic is and this is why you need money to do it is you need to hit a lot more people to get that sale but when it's done right you can do very well but the difference is you're kind of doing that interruption advertising in a lot of ways when you enter say Facebook for example you run an ad on Facebook you may not be looking for this but I'm trying to get you interested in it does that make sense so traffic people are actively searching for that paid you're kind of doing that interruption advertising so we're gonna focus just on free my two main methods guys are YouTube and blog and those are can be one in the same because I take my YouTube videos and then I put them on my blog and right now with a combination of YouTube and blog this is making me anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars a month from work that I've done months ago does that make sense so I've made these videos I've made these articles and it just continues to pay me and that's what's great so I'm getting that reoccurring income or that passive income so here's an example so this is my channel here I'm a stay-at-home dad so I you know I basically my niche is kind of hey I'm a stay-at-home dad I'm helping other parents other people who want to make extra money online and and that sort of thing and what I do is I make videos like I'm doing right now and click funnels obviously one of my main ones so I have a lot of just more technical stuff that I offer people who want to learn about the software and then I have stuff related to you know affiliate marketing that sort of stuff but what I do is I'll make a video answering the question and just traffic and send it to lastly get you alright and the way I do that guys is real simple I just go in here and you can see that I was doing some research early I'll type in a topic and then it'll Google will already pop up suggestions for me and I'll so people are searching for these so I'll take affiliate marketing affiliate marketing how to make money or make money on YouTube and then I'll put my own spin on it and I'll create a video around it so it's really easy but I'm not gonna go into the keyword search right now just want you get a better understanding of the format so I make the video answering the question and I put my link in here so when people click on this link take a look here takes them to save my free training course and then in some cases I'll have this one I don't but I might have depending on what I'm talking about in the video I'll have another product here or I'll have a clickfunnels trial make sense and all I do is I repeat the process in my blog and then where to go here so this is my blog I teach people how to make money online and then I go to my blog and I'll take those videos and I'll turn them into articles so I'll take like the video you just saw and I'll turn it into an article people read the article or they can watch the video and this is all organic search and there now look here guys so not only am i promoting one thing here but I also have links here here some of these are outbound links and then I have here a link and then I have my own call to actions here so people go in and Google and they searching they're searching for an answer and they land on my blog they click and if they buy I get paid right easy breezy lemon squeezy right so that's it in a nutshell now the secret to the main secret here guys is taking everything and talk about it and putting it together right you got to put all this together obviously I can't tell you step-by-step how to do everything but one of the main thing is having a niche right you want to have something that you're passionate about something that you can talk about think about something that people come up to you and they always ask you a question hey Bob hey Sally how do you do this how do you do that how do you do this right something outside of your normal job or what you might be doing now that hobby something you enjoy you can make money with that online and you can start by promoting other people's products just type in what you love what you love to do maybe it's golf typing and golf affiliate programs you'll see thousands of them pop up start reading into them start start getting information on them I promote funnels click funnels basically because everybody needs a lead generation software you can promote this tool as well if you like I mean there's tons of people promoting it again they have great support but the concepts all the same whatever your niche and is having a system in place so you have to have the content you have to have funnels funnels is is basically like I showed you here when you clicked on my blog I take you to what's called a funnel because I want to collect your email right and that's gonna take me into the next question so when you enter your email here and then click here this is going to take you onto the product or the service that I've recommended or maybe it's a training so you the same concept applies here is that you want to create great content you want to capture their information and then you want to have emails that follow up and you would use an email autoresponder activecampaign MailChimp - anything like that and then treat it like a business so these two right these kind of go hand-in-hand something you enjoy they could talk about all day long have a system in place and then treating it like a business the main difference it separates an affiliate marketer from an affiliate marketer running a business is treating it like a business there's a lot of people that anybody can do a philia marketing right they can get a link throw it up in a form throw it up on a website and pray that someone clicks on it but the ones are treated like a business treated like their own product and take it seriously can do extremely extremely well so treat it like a business right collect those emails build up a report people get the know like and trust factor and you'll be off to the races so this would not be affiliate marketing video guys if I did not recommend something to you so if you'd like to learn how to set it this up you'd like to learn how to do this click below I have a totally free 40 course for you guys you're going to love it you also have access to me via email and Facebook on there so I'll answer any questions for you click below get started if you like this please like subscribe and share have a good one

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