ClickFunnels Affiliate Funnel | Hack This Funnel From Russell Brunson

If you want to get into affiliate marketing or perhaps you just want to add to your knowledge arsenal, then you need the ClickFunnels Affiliate Funnel.

Of you have never heard of Funnel Fridays then you are truly missing out. Every week Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards go live and build a new funnel from scratch.

While Russell is crafting the funnel Jim is using Funnel Scripts to create the copy. It’s absolutely amazing to see these guys work together.

Inside the ClickFunnels Affiliate Funnel, Russell shows you how to create your landing page, bridge page and set up your email automation.

The information provided in this short video is absolutely priceless.

To watch the video and download the free funnel click on the image below.
(Episode #48 Bridge Funnel)

Go to Funnel Fridays Here

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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:02.159
hey guys how you doing I'm general bringing in this video I'm gonna talk to

00:00:02.159 --> 00:00:06.689
you about the click funnels affiliate funnel now I was thinking about whether

00:00:06.690 --> 00:00:10.920
or not building out a funnel for you guys and showing it to you but I just

00:00:10.920 --> 00:00:15.360
remembered a video that Russell made and a lot of people don't know about it or

00:00:15.360 --> 00:00:18.570
they would know how to search it or find it but this is where less Russell

00:00:18.570 --> 00:00:23.400
actually goes through if he were an affiliate marketer and how he would

00:00:23.400 --> 00:00:27.509
build a funnel right a click funnels affiliate funnel so he actually

00:00:27.510 --> 00:00:31.710
demonstrates let's say if he was taking a product off a Clickbank how he created

00:00:31.710 --> 00:00:36.360
the landing page the bridge page how he would set up the emails the upsells so

00:00:36.360 --> 00:00:41.100
what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put a link below to funnel Fridays if you've

00:00:41.100 --> 00:00:45.660
never been to funnel Friday's guys it is awesome Russell and Jim Edwards go live

00:00:45.660 --> 00:00:50.940
every week and they build funnels from scratch so in this one and they also use

00:00:50.940 --> 00:00:54.149
funnel scripts which is really cool so they show you how they would use funnel

00:00:54.149 --> 00:00:57.539
scripts to put in the copy on each of the pages but if you go to episode

00:00:57.539 --> 00:01:01.980
number 48 it's called the bridge funnel it should be called the affiliate funnel

00:01:01.980 --> 00:01:06.360
but it's not but what Russell does here let's see you

00:01:06.360 --> 00:01:14.490
can hear all right so here we go let me show you this here boom boom okay right

00:01:14.490 --> 00:01:18.330
so the customer comes here you know alright so if you're looking at this now

00:01:18.330 --> 00:01:23.759
what Russell is explaining here is if he was an affiliate how he would sell a

00:01:23.759 --> 00:01:27.780
product okay most affiliates when they create a

00:01:27.780 --> 00:01:31.140
funnel to sell a product they just put on a link and click you off to the

00:01:31.140 --> 00:01:37.979
product what Russell teaches is to have obviously a you know a hook headline

00:01:37.979 --> 00:01:41.548
write a creative headline that's gonna grab their attention you want to collect

00:01:41.549 --> 00:01:45.810
their email then it's gonna take them to the bridge page this is where a lot of

00:01:45.810 --> 00:01:48.990
philly 'its grew up they normally just link people off and they just try to

00:01:48.990 --> 00:01:51.990
make a quick buck that's not how you grow a business and I grow affiliate

00:01:51.990 --> 00:01:55.020
business you want to get their email take them to the next page you want to

00:01:55.020 --> 00:02:02.009
introduce yourself say hey my name is Bob I am an affiliate for such-and-such

00:02:02.009 --> 00:02:05.310
protein powder I love it I've been using it for three years it's helped me lose

00:02:05.310 --> 00:02:08.970
200 pounds it's changed my life I sleep better I do this better I do this better

00:02:08.970 --> 00:02:12.660
I know you can get this this protein powder from a lot of other people but

00:02:12.660 --> 00:02:15.000
when you buy your protein powder for me today I'm also

00:02:15.000 --> 00:02:19.440
gonna give you my top 20 tips on how to get a flat belly I'm gonna give you my

00:02:19.440 --> 00:02:24.090
100 meal plan recipes recipes I'm gonna give you an e-book on how to do this I'm

00:02:24.090 --> 00:02:28.410
gonna give you a plugin for tracking your weight so you're creating an offer

00:02:28.410 --> 00:02:32.190
your offer stacking no other affiliates doing that they're just linking linking

00:02:32.190 --> 00:02:36.000
linking when you create an offer like that you separate yourself from the pack

00:02:36.000 --> 00:02:40.440
then from there they click and they go and if they get the product you send

00:02:40.440 --> 00:02:45.090
them my offer but what also what Russell explains here is on the back end if they

00:02:45.090 --> 00:02:48.090
don't take you up on that offer you at least have their email right you're not

00:02:48.090 --> 00:02:51.569
just direct linking them so now you have your email and you can promote to them

00:02:51.569 --> 00:02:56.250
over time so maybe you don't sell them on day one but day five six seven maybe

00:02:56.250 --> 00:02:59.879
you promote another product and sell them then so I'm gonna put the link

00:02:59.879 --> 00:03:06.780
below go check out this video it's episode number 48 I believe it's called

00:03:06.780 --> 00:03:10.140
the bridge funnel watch it I'm telling you right now it'll change your life if

00:03:10.140 --> 00:03:14.129
you want to build an affiliate funnel watch this video now thank you so much

00:03:14.129 --> 00:03:18.319
guys please like subscribe have a great day

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